December 6, 2020
From Act For Freedom

via: sansnom Translated to English by Act for freedom now!
Bierley, Bradford, November 4

In West-Yorkshire, Bradford to be precise, we are witnessing a singular wave of autumnal sabotage against mobile phone antennas. After the arson of a mast supporting G5 equipment on September 10 in Otley Road, followed by a second on September 17 in the Bierley area and a third on September 23 in Leeds Road, now, after the mast of Bierley had been properly reassembled, it went up in flames again on the evening of November 4.

West Bowling, Bradford, November 5

But that’s not all, because if this famous relay-antenna at the crossroads of Miles Hill Crescent and Burnham decided to end its days just before 18.30, it wasn’t alone this time. The G5 antenna had succeeded in convincing one of its colleagues to accompany it a few hours later, at around 2.30am, to cease transmitting telework, virtual school and very real cop interference.

The one that followed its fatal gesture was barely two kilometres away, in New Cross Street in the West Bowling area. It would seem good ideas are as contagious as the waves are harmful!
The West-Yorkshire police are now questioning themselves about this strange phenomenon of self-radicalisation of relay antennas, and above all about the economic risks that it would mean if all the G5 antennas were to engage with each other in succession to put an end to causing harm.
Let’s just say that we have now reached around a hundred mobile phone antennas sabotaged anonymously in the United Kingdom, often by fire, since last April and the period of lockdown.
Against all viruses, including that of the technological pandemic, fire is always a good remedy. Next!
[synthesis from the English press of November 5 2020]