It is a very important date, as it brings us the political duty of, once again, joining the columns of resistance waged by these women. If they suffer double systemic oppression, by gender and race, they also bring us an example and strength of struggle, as are the quilombos, the villages, as was the machete of the indigenous Tuíra.

Looking at the present Brazilian context, with the Covid-19 pandemic and the death policies of the genocidal government of Bolsonaro/Mourão/Guedes, we know that the colonial heritage is reinforced and kills more the poor, peripheral racialized bodies (black and indigenous) and of women (cis or trans). Violence from above takes face once again with PL 490, placed by the ruralist caucus, deciding on bodies and territories that do not comply with oppressive regulations.

The PL 490, which has been in Congress since 2007, gains time with the agreements between the government and the Centrão. It is important to say that the ancestral lands are at more imminent risk, as they have never been demarcated (not even with the so-called “Citizen Constitution of 1988) – on the contrary, they have been systematically attacked since the colonizer’s invasion. And this speaks a lot about the negligence, or rather, what are the interests of shift governments, of selling and negotiating the basic rights of those from below.

This bill, among other things, brings the “Temporal Milestone” as a ruler for which lands can be claimed, a complete surrender of the few territories that are still alive due to the resistance of the original peoples. The Temporal Framework says that lands that were occupied on the date of signature of the 1988 Constitution will only be demarcated. One wonders what the possible evidence for such proof would be, but what is clear once again is that the Juruá (non-indigenous) logic ) from above overlaps experiences other than their own.

Another point of great concern is about isolated communities and what the text says about accessing them in case of “public utility”. Capitalism thinks of possession/ownership of all peoples, especially those who reject this way of life. How can there be any “public utility” about what doesn’t belong to you? Like the bodies of black and indigenous women, capitalist, patriarchal, racist violence acts to colonize and correct deviant ones. But being frank, we know that religious missions, energy generation companies and extractivists see more than “public utility” in these territories. And it is through these means that the “public utility” of capital will be asserted, with the exploitation of cheap labor and genocide, the destruction of life and nature, which, in the logic of profit, is understood as a simple “raw material”. All this to line the pockets of the rich and professional politicians.

The Levant for Earth in all Brazilian territory makes it clear that no centimeter of land, no life will be delivered. Each blocking of the road, each chant, prayers, shouts of order made by indigenous peoples, quilombolas and supporters give us the tone that we will not retreat until we win! And it’s about that, about this fight that we want to reaffirm once again this July 25th. Through the strength of black, indigenous, Latin American and Caribbean women, we will fight on special dates, but also on a daily basis. Building and cultivating enduring bonds of resistance and rebellion!


Brazilian Anarchist Coordination

25 de Julho: Dia de Tereza de Benguela e das mulheres negras, latinoamericanas e caribenhas