The pandemic has worsened the already precarious conditions in which we live: hunger and misery advance and along with them the far right mobilizes, wanting to keep the genocidal government of Bolsonaro. Today the population is increasingly basic concerns, having to decide between buying food or gas, paying rent, electricity or water. Humiliation is everyday.

Unemployment only increases and there is no chance of improvement. The increase in fuel is so great that it has unemployment a portion of the already precarious application drivers. Electricity continues to increase, and the drought is causing a water crisis that should bring back rationing and even a general blackout.

The peoples of the countryside remain marginalized, and although they produce most of what Brazilians eat, they are increasingly squeezed by agribusiness giants. Indigenous peoples are waging a hard fight for the most basic rights of having their history recognized, which is threatened by the Thesis of the Time Frame, a ruralist project to recognize as indigenous territory only the places occupied from 1988, which can pave the way for more invasions and killing.

Without these concerns, some sectors of society hold marches in defense of their privileges, of holding a government responsible for death, unemployment, poverty, but which manages to increase the wealth of those who are above these problems. The military and police are willing to once again secure their historic role of protecting the interests of the wealthiest, from here or abroad. For them, what matters is to maintain the abyss that divides the people from the ruling classes.

On September 7th we are in the streets, in the broken, slums and villages, next to those who can transform this reality: the hardworking and oppressed people, who have suffered the consequences of the policies of the above.

Today and we are always building through the struggle the Popular Power, a seed that is the basis of a society built by us and for us. It is with daily work, rooted in the workplaces, study and housing, that we bring anarchism to the people, in the perspective of breaking with this system, and in the construction of Libertarian Socialism!

Brazilian Anarchist
Coordination September 2021

7 September: Strong people against the system of hunger and death! – Brazilian Anarchist Coordination (cabanarquista.org)

Source: Awsm.nz