May 6, a massacre befell the community of Jacarezinho, in Rio de Janeiro, with at least 25 people killed. The authorship belongs to the Civil Police, in what is considered the most lethal police action in the history of the state. Witnesses point to various indications of summary executions, of people who were already surrendered and offered no resistance.

The case opens up state terrorism that victimizes the poor and black people in Rio de Janeiro and in communities across the country. Last year, 5,660 people were murdered by police in Brazil. In the state of Rio de Janeiro, 25% of violent deaths in 2020 had police authorship. Disguised as a war on drugs, the genocidal policy is a war on the poor, which victimizes black and peripheral youth, and keeps the population of these communities under constant threat.

The Jacarezinho slaughter also demonstrates the failure of State institutions to guarantee the minimum that they themselves propose. The popular struggle managed to get the STF to place restrictions on police operations in the communities during the pandemic, which certainly saved lives, but the measure is constantly disregarded by the state government. Nor is the possibility that this massacre was committed as part of the upstairs clashes, in the context of a political crisis, with a CPI that clarifies the responsibilities of the Bolsonaro government in the face of the pandemic not excluded.

This massacre is yet another chapter in the racist and genocidal laboratory that the ruling classes have been imposing on the people, in order to maintain a constant state of terror. There are more than 400 thousand killed by covid-19, with Brazilian variants of the disease and collapse in all states, experiments of “herd immunization” with accelerated contamination policies, advertising of ineffective drugs, in addition to reforms that remove social expenses, increase unemployment and hunger, while the rich became even richer.

All of this will not be resolved in the next elections, but right now, with a strong process of popular mobilization, from the grassroots, that can show the ruling classes that things cannot go on like this! Recent episodes in neighboring countries have shown that the popular classes in revolt have the ability to impose defeats on those above! This alone can interrupt the normalization of barbarism!

Another important issue is the need for popular movements to debate in depth not only the end of the military police, but of all police, which are founded on the defense of large landowners, and have no relation to the protection of the lives of and low. They are the armed arm of the powerful to torture, arrest and kill us.

Since our daily militancy, we continue to guide the solidarity between ours and ours, and the urgency of the revolt against this State terrorism, in the fight for vaccination for all and for everyone, for a dignified life and for libertarian socialism! It is necessary to clench fists to respond to barbarism with popular force!

Brazilian Anarchist Coordination
May 2021

Chacina de Jacarezinho: Terrorismo de Estado!