We are going to the streets of the whole country this June 19, reinforcing the fight for Fora Bolsonaro, but we fight beyond the end of that government! The needs of our people will not be resolved with a simple arrangement upstairs, much less in the next elections. Therefore, it is necessary to clench fists from below, with combativeness and defiance, to make the structures that support the powerful shake!

There are half a million dead by covid-19, victims of a policy of death that is not only of the Bolsonaro government, but of the entire political and economic system that normalized this situation and failed to provide any response to the needs of the population. In addition, thousands more die from criminal policies of fiscal adjustment, cuts in rights, increased unemployment and hunger. The only sector in which the State invests is racist police violence, which terrorizes the suburbs with threats, imprisonment, torture and killing.

It is necessary to fight against this situation and reinforce popular demands, such as dignified emergency aid, vaccine for everyone as quickly as possible, an end to the massacres in communities, an end to cuts in social “spending” in Health and Education, the an end to the reforms that only harm the people and the privatizations that further enrich the capitalists!

Organized anarchism takes to the streets with the revolutionary perspective of breaking with this system! To defeat the ruling classes, there is no other way than to build a de facto Popular Power, with the organization of those from below in instruments such as neighborhood and workers councils, through direct democracy, in the path of Libertarian Socialism !

From the base of popular movements, with direct combative action, the rebellious people in the streets can reverse this situation! Only the popular force will be able to overthrow Bolsonaro and his scum, make those above tremble and build a new world!


Brazilian Anarchist Coordination

19 de Junho: Povo forte na rua contra o Estado genocida!

Source: Awsm.nz