Mato Grosso reached the record of 7 thousand deaths by COVID-19; hospitals (public and private) continue to be overcrowded, UPAs are experiencing difficulties in attending, there is already a lack of basic equipment for intubation procedures, a lack of anticoagulants, and the hospitalization of children reaching worrying numbers… but the economy, the profit of the big ones businessmen and landowners, cannot stop.

It follows a theater orchestrated by professional politicians, in which it prioritizes meeting the business interests of FIEMT (Federation of Industries of Mato Grosso), CDL (Chamber of Leading Shopkeepers of Cuiabá) and the Agribusiness sectors. The mini lockdown made it ineffective to contain the virus, as the agglomeration and displacement routines remained normal – those who are hungry and payment slips end up having no choice, leaving the sacrifice imposed by the bosses – for capitalism.

That game from the top was wide open this week when the holiday anticipation project was put on the agenda. Although this is not ideal for preserving the lives of female workers, who would need to be at home throughout this period of great contamination and deaths and not just 4 or 5 days, the project’s non-approval represented well what interests the project serves. State, as well as the genocidal character of capitalism. What we saw were the ones from above fighting each other so as not to displease the bosses and bosses as vultures over government, assembly and city halls to bar the anticipation of holidays – the “holiday”, as they were calling it – in the argument that it would be harmful to the economy local. In the end, what we saw was the most real and concrete face of capitalism. Amidst the whole scenario of deaths and illnesses, general collapse, vultures fell on the state so that not even a holiday was given; even if those days were worked on later, since it was a matter of anticipating a holiday and not leaving workers at home without having to pay for it.

The deaths and misery that we experience in the state of Mato Grosso today are responsible and they must be reported and must pay for them. We know that Bolsonaro’s genocidal government opens the door to death policies, but state governments and city halls have the same role in these spheres. In Mato Grosso, Mauro Mendes’ death policies follow the federal genocidal primer and are as responsible as federal policies!

he state of Mato Grosso, in serious condition, is a sad object in the hands of those who play with our lives. Mauro Mendes’ government directly serves the interests of entrepreneurs and agribusiness; when he rehearses any attitude to say he is doing something, he soon gives in to pressure from these sectors or falls into “political tantrums” with the mayor of Cuiabá. City halls have been silent or are consistent with the deliberate absence of actions that characterizes Bolsonaro’s genocidal government. Legislative Assembly demonstrated, once again, that it serves Mauro Mendes, businessmen and agribusiness. Entrepreneurs and Agribusiness continue to profit, while putting pressure on the government, city halls and the Legislative Assembly to undermine any rehearsal in order to preserve the lives of workers.

Everything we have endured, female and male workers (employed, formal, informal and unemployed), is the result of the neglect that the governments (federal, state and municipal) have been applying against the population, always favoring the interests of the business sectors, agro-exporters and financial speculators of all kinds – especially when their desires are: PRIVATIZATION OF EVERYTHING THAT IS PUBLIC! Policies of precarious services that have been essential for decades have been advancing – let us focus, at this moment, on Health – for all those and those who do not have the financial means to pay for the high prices of Health Plans. For years, the population has been suffering from the scrapping of public health services: lack of equipment, reforms, adequate constructions, contests for workers needed for the front line in care, a living wage for health professionals, etc. – in Mato Grosso, it goes for more than 20 years without a public tender in the health area, for example.

With the pandemic of COVID-19, all this gambling has become more and more wide open, because those who dictate the rules for the game of virus containment and prevention of life are those who have high accumulation of money; the deniers who claim: THE ECONOMY CANNOT STOP!

Emergency aid, national and state, will continue to keep the population in poverty and having to sacrifice their lives to maintain a decent life. The increase in the cost of living – food, gas, energy, fuel, water, health, medicines – continues in the normal elevation flow. In the federal sphere, the payment of up to R $ 375 reais is indicated and, in the state sphere (in Mato Grosso), the approved amount is R $ 150 reais (for 3 months) to serve around 100 thousand families that are registered in the social program of the State Secretariat of Social Assistance (Setasc), “Being a family”.

We are quite clear that such values ​​for those who live in extreme poverty, generated by the greed of the shift politicians (the professional politicians), are of great importance, but we cannot fail to bring the reflection to the basic costs of life: cooking gas above of R $ 100; the basic basket over R $ 250; the cost of energy and water (private companies) up there… if you get sick and need medications unavailable in SUS (due to the lack of transfers and priority investments)… SAVE YOURSELF!

The inefficiency of the curfew for “bobó tcheira-tcheira”

What we will be facing is a measure, not that it is not necessary, but totally intended to deceive the population. The flow of male and female workers will follow normally, the profit of the bosses will follow from wind to pulp, because the economy cannot stop (it has not stopped, especially when it comes to the biggest debtors to the public coffers of Mato Grosso – Agribusiness). The economy cannot stop, even if we continue to lose a few more lives, even if we exceed the record of 6,000 thousand deaths in our state, it cannot stop even if we have already experienced the overcrowding of the ICUs and are within an explicit collapse (we have already reached the mark) 99% of the ICUs occupied and a significant number of people waiting for vacancies).

We will continue to face a normal routine for those who need to work in order to survive, with some workers affected (those who work at night) and at the risk of losing their jobs and without any help to pay the high cost of our lives.

Anarchist Opinion | March 9, 2021 | Libertarian Swoop | link:

On March 9, we released an Anarchist Opinion where we pointed out the inefficiency of the lockdown“Hybrid” – mini lockdown, according to the ordinance of the government of Mato Grosso. The 15 days stipulated by the government are gone, as well as several and several lives – workers and workers from the most varied segments of our society; people who, due to the material necessity of our life and the lack of serious social policies in order not to let our people die of hunger, had to continue making the commuting to their places of work. People who, for the most part, depend on public transport; people who, for the most part, do not have the financial means to pay for private health plans, let alone take a private plane and travel to the same hospitals that many parliamentarians went to to intern and treat the covid.

A more serious lockdown is necessary to contain the virus, but without an emergency aid that is at least close to the current minimum wage, but without a policy against cutting and reducing wages, but without reducing the high costs of life… all this becomes illusory for the working population. Furthermore, the strong speech of the “gripezinha” – which Mauro Mendes himself helped to spread throughout the state – made a good part of our population incredulous, it only becomes real when death knocks on our door.

Empty Pot: popular revolt in the peripheries The way out of this situation of death and precariousness of life

Just as we have defended before, we continue in this line of defense for the lives of people from below …

We are clear that our lives are not easy and that things will not improve overnight, but we must return to the strength of resistance and rebellion for the organization and struggle of the workers against all this policy of death a that governments and employers have pushed us to experience. Since they compel us to work and take life risks in the midst of an accelerated pandemic, with no possibility of dignified survival, it is urgent that we also take direct action as a primary tool to combat all this injustice and death policy. If we are required to work normally in the midst of collapse, may we have the strength to take to the streets and claim Decent Life:for the breach of the patent on vaccines, quarantine for life, general strike for life, emergency aid for everyone and everyone who suffers from job insecurity and unemployment and with decent value, reduction of high prices in food / medication / electricity / water / gas / etc., mass testing for the entire population, end of evictions in the occupation of abandoned houses and unproductive land or with no real social function, taxation of agribusiness and large fortunes, closure of classroom work in schools and other public offices (essential work not can be relativized to meet bosses’ desire), MASS VACCINATION!

It is by popular force, organized direct action against class enemies that we can move forward in the reconstruction of a strong social vector for the social revolution.




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