The Brazilian Anarchist Coordination expresses its solidarity with Ford’s workers, whose jobs are threatened by the multinational’s departure from the country. Multinationals, which, driven by the dynamics of capital, have no qualms about unemploying thousands of workers. We point out that FORD made $ 2.4 billion in the last quarter, still during the pandemic, far more than its hungry and criminal stockholders predicted.

The deepening of economic domination in the country translates into the reprimanding of our economy (focus on the export of meat, soy, iron ore), deindustrialization (less industries in the country), the growing dominance of our economy by the countries of central capitalism and the increase exploitation on the oppressed classes (freezing and decreasing wages, increasing the cost of living). This process has been going on for decades for structural and cyclical reasons, but which has deepened since 2015.

This process also goes hand in hand with the paralysis of the main union centrals, which, betting on the “dialogue” and “negotiation” path, rule out any more effective action by workers, such as: occupation of the workplace, control of production by workers and direct union action.

We emphasize that what has been happening in the country is a long-term process (decades), where cowardice and subservience to international capital have been the practice of countless national governments and bourgeoisies (dependent on outside and peripheral capitalists), where multinationals have free transit to act with contempt for Brazilian workers, ecosystems and territories of the oppressed classes. The occupation and collective management of these companies should be thought of as part of a union repertoire that focuses on the unconditional defense of the oppressed Brazilian classes, in defense of employment, and reaffirms the struggle against the process of deepening economic domination over our country.

Today the greatest representative of this terrible project is the Bolsonaro government, which together with the Brazilian bourgeoisie, practices a policy of unemployment and death.

All solidarity with Ford workers!
All solidarity to each unemployed partner!

Brazilian Anarchist Coordination

Source: Awsm.nz