Popular street fighting has returned to our lives after a year and a half of the pandemic. From the lives of those who have always believed in popular direct action as the one that defines long-term winners and losers. Although they bring together all kinds of people, the street demonstrations materialize the possible unity at that time. Unity in the street among sectors that are already organized – whether they are socially and/or politically organized –, together with opposition parties to the government, plus those groups of workers with a certain tradition of mobilization, together with the diversity of people, sectors and ideologies on the left.

We at CAB join in these mobilizations, even if they have very concrete limits. Even though they are new in the context of the pandemic, they are part of an already classic reformist repertoire: popular pressure + parliamentary political pressure. Given the hegemony of Lulism, not only because of the capillarity it still maintains in the union and popular movement, but because of the conception of struggle we see in the streets, it will not be this type of demonstration that will defeat the shift government, let alone the ideological soup that sustains it. and goes beyond. Conservatism, the cult of violence, the militarization of social life, racism and machismo have roots in the country’s own colonial, slavery and violent social formation. Frustration with PT governments and the bureaucratic and vertical practices of the Brazilian left only helped to worsen the situation,

In any case, our daily militancy cannot be limited to mobilizing for national street acts. We need to increase the volume and regularity of sectoral and peripheral mobilizations, not only with the anti-Bolsonaro agenda but with the demands most felt by our people. Some of them have roots in general government policies and are common to broad sectors, others more sectored and with causes in state and municipal government policies. Urgency is not just tactical, it’s strategic. If we don’t advance in the PEOPLE’S ORGANIZATION, the mobilizations will pass and what will be beyond the feeling of indignation? The 2022 elections, regardless of the result they have, will not substantially change the correlation of forces that today favors the removal of rights, an increase in the cost of living and deterioration of living conditions,

Therefore, for us anarchists organized in the CAB, each tactic, each initiative and each action in TODAY must, in addition to seeking concrete improvements, aim in a strategic direction, increasing the experiences of direct struggle of different sectors of the oppressed classes, expanding the horizon and the imagination of our people and organizing more and better in each territory and place of work and study.

And for this, the unity that Lulism and its bureaucracies want is not good for us, as they are limited to street demonstrations and bourgeois elections.

As manifestações de rua e o sentido estratégico de nosso trabalho

Source: Awsm.nz