Unemployment and hunger have been breaking records, while the pandemic gained momentum between the end of 2020 and the beginning of this year. A thousand lives are lost daily to the covid-19, under harsh views from above, and a vaccination campaign that, following this rhythm, would take years to complete.

In this context, all government policies throw us further into the abyss. Since the PT put a banker to manage the economy, there have been 6 years of fiscal adjustment policies, including the Temer and Bolsonaro governments, which together with Centrão and big capital have only contributed to making our people even poorer, while they have accounts of the rich and powerful. In the pandemic, this became more scandalous: amidst the misery of millions, Brazilian billionaires increased their wealth by more than R $ 180 billion in just a few months!

In this “pro-market” logic, cutting emergency aid is just another absurd. Government options have increased tariffs for privatized services, such as electricity and telephone, in addition to Petrobras’ pricing policy, which adjusts fuels and cooking gas according to the dollar – while the population receives it in reais. Food, rent, gasoline, bills, everything is getting more expensive, and governments are still cutting social spending.

In the midst of the scenario of deaths, misery, rising cost of living and destruction of social protection that befall our people, it is time to clench fists and show that we are not willing to accept this state of affairs! As mobilizations in other countries on the continent have shown, if the situation is revolting, it is only the people oppressed in revolt who are able to make a change!

We believe in the strength of popular movements, so from the bottom we have promoted the most diverse fronts of struggle, betting on grassroots democracy and direct action. Only in this way is it possible to foster a process of rebellion that can make those above you tremble!


Brazilian Anarchist Coordination
February 2021

Source: Awsm.nz