December 22, 2020
From IWW Incarcerated Workers


The GEO Group is doing everything possible to thwart efforts of rehabilitation, safety, and re-entry into society for our dear Comrade Malik. He recently highlighted that“Instead of promoting the successful transition into the community, GEO Group seeks to destroy and sabotage those bonds and focuses on sending people back to prison or to the grave with COVID-19.” 

Comrade Malik has recently been promoted from Assistant Editor to Chief Editor at the San Francisco Bay View National Black Newspaper and since he is covering the news in District 10, which includes the neighborhood of Bayview Hunters Point. Mary Ratcliff of the SF Bay View is asking that Malik be granted permission to stay within an eight-block radius of the office and to be granted home confinement at his FiancĂš Nube Brown’s apartment for his safety and so that he may work effectively and in a healing environment. Malik and his FiancĂš Nube , the Managing Editor of the SF Bay View, need to be close to Mary and Willie Ratcliff who are in their 80s. Malik and Nube uplift the community through Mutual Aid and food distribution at Mother Brown’s and are tireless freedom fighters.

The recent denial of his request to be released to Home Confinement is an obvious act of retaliation for the speech he gave at the No More Cages Rally.

Step 1: Email the ACA Standards and Accreditation to demand the following:

Contacts ACA Standards and Accreditation and


SCRIPT: to the ACA Standards and Accreditation: 

Hi, My name is_________and I live in _________(your state, city) and I demand that the GEO group run Taylor Center be investigated for substandard living conditions including water being turned off every couple of days, a broken hot and cold water dispenser, a lack of food for residents, and refusal by GEO Group administrators to grant release to Home Confinement amid a spike in COVID-19 in the facility. Many of the residents at Taylor Street are afraid to say anything critical about the place for fear that they will get sent back to jail or prison. The staff has been painting and cleaning in order to trick inspectors but we demand that the ACA interview residents like Comrade Keith ‘Malik’ Washington, editor at the San Francisco Bay View National Black Newspaper.


Step 1: Email the following people and use the script below :


Michael Carvajal, BOP Director-

Phone:(202) 307-3198



Hi, My name is_________and I live in _________(your state, city) and I demand that the GEO group run Taylor Center release as many people on Home Confinement as possible to both curb the spread of COVID-19 and aid in their rehabilitation. Keith ‘Malik’ Washington (USMS# 34481-037) and all of those housed at the Geo Group run Taylor Center face unfit living conditions and a COVID-19 outbreak. The Taylor Street Center is located in the Tenderloin which is notoriously known for its drug activity. As of October, 7th 2020, Malik celebrated 13 years of sobriety.   His request to be placed on home confinement and transfer to the Northern District of California was denied this week. Releasing as many people as possible to Home Confinement is the only way to ensure the safety and rehabilitation of residents of the Taylor Center. The national community considers his denial to Home Confinement as an act of retaliation for his speech at the No More Cages Rally. Mr. Washington is a lifeline at the San Francisco Bay View National Black Newspaper and it is crucial that he remain near his place of work so that he may respond to any emergencies that Mary and Willie Ratcliff may have as they are in their 80’s. Mary has cancer and Willie is suffering from Dementia and they are within a high-risk class for complications if they contract COVID-19.

In a statement to the Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security U.S. House of Representatives on December 2, 2020, you touted reducing recidivism and battling the COVID-19 by stating  “I am pleased to report that since March 26, 2020, BOP has transferred 18,112 inmates to Home Confinement, and there are an additional 175 who are scheduled to transfer to Home Confinement in the coming weeks. These assessments remain ongoing and will continue for the duration of the pandemic.” We would like to see action in this direction at the Taylor Center. Actions speak louder than words and human lives are at risk.