April 5, 2022
From Alternative Bristol (UK)

#BristolAgainstHate is a coalition of local groups that came together to oppose a planned event on 9th April at 1pm, by the extreme racist ‘For Britain’ party (which they advertised on their website).

These racists announced they’d be bussing supporters into Bristol to inflame hate & division – by standing on the plinth of the former #Colston statue and celebrating the long-dead mass-murdering slave-trader, and by attacking the concept of #BlackLivesMatter (maybe physically attacking black & brown people too…because that’s often the outcome of such events!).

#BristolAgainstHate called a counter-mobilisation to oppose this hate-speech – and this gathering will still go ahead at 11am on 9th April, on the pedestrianised area near to the plinth – next to St Augustines Parade/Anchor Road, Bristol BS1 4UB. Map here. See image for more info!

Meanwhile, ‘For Britain’ have cancelled their hateful event, apparently because they couldn’t get enough info/guarantees re police protection; because they feared a large counter-protest against them; and because their supporters just aren’t upto doing much at the moment. Or to put it another way…they bottled it. Which is always good to see!

However there remains the possibility that random individuals/small groups of racists may still appear in the city – hence the need for the counter-protest to go ahead to ensure a presence, and safety for all. The counter-protest will also celebrate Bristol’s diverse communities; the longstanding campaigning work against racism & fascism; and the century old campaigns to tell the truth about Colston’s slave-trading work & profiteering, and remove his oppressive statue.

Background info:
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#GladColstonsGone #CityofSanctuary #UnityIsStrength #RefugeesWelcome #AntiRacist

(image credits – Bristol Against Hate)

Source: Alternativebristol.com