October 23, 2021
From Alternative Bristol (UK)

We’ve seen waves of different climate protests this year; Extinction Rebellion, Insulate Britain here in the UK, and plenty more globally such as this Icelandic funeral to mourn its first glacier lost to Climate Change. Yesterday in Bristol saw a sizable crowd there to pressure for action on climate chaos;

While people are mobilizing, so are governments – yet most are going in the opposite direction;

To sum up where we are a week before COP:

1. Countries are planning 110% more fossil fuel extraction to 2030 than is consistent with 1.5C (45% more than for 2C).
2. Expansion of renewables is too slow to replace fossil fuels and stop 2C of warming.

This as 180 people die in flash flooding in Nepal and India.

This as the science moves from 97% of papers confirming the reality of climate change to 99%.

We need full spectrum resistance now; political, protest, action, change. All of it now. The alternative is the end of the climate that supports our civilization.

Source: Alternativebristol.com