November 23, 2020
From Sabcat161 (UK)

Communique #1 : A Manifesto for Autonomous Resistance

Our subjugation to the global capitalist empire has brought the concentration of wealth, property and power in Bristol into the hands of a few and it has left the rest of us as little more than cogs in a social-economic machine.

The privatisation of healthcare, the housing crisis, low pay and the casualisation of work, cuts and a decade of austerity in Bristol and across the UK are not caused by a lack of alternatives or solutions but by those who have sought to crush our will to resist and to dream of a better, fairer way of life.

Intolerance, ethnocentrism, racism, transphobia and sexism are all institutionalised within the state and disseminated into our culture to divide us. 

The techno-industrial complex keeps us working in bullshit jobs, slaving ourselves for wages, destroying the planet for resources and causing a climate crisis, just to keep us producing and consuming for no reason other than the system itself cannot survive without infinite growth and explitation. We are dooming future generations to be left with nothing but the bones of a dying planet just so that a handful of CEO’s may live in obscene wealth now, all the while people go hungry, sleep in the cold streets and die in droves from austerity, pollution or war.  

Such a system as this cannot be reformed or its power taken back. It was never power freely given to begin with but coerced from the people through a monopoly on violence and centuries of social engineering.

For so long now we have been led to believe that “this is how it has to be” we have obediently given into hopelessness and accepted the lies that they tell us. We turn on each other, and ourselves to fight for their scraps until we finally stop existing as autonomous human beings and become little more than a series of numbers and credit scores. 

We are more than that.

We choose to define our autonomy to be the absolute self-ownership of individual or collective action free from interference by the state or other repressive, reactionary or coercive forces.

We choose to strive for Social and power dynamics between people in our community based on horizontal relationships and to struggle for the abolition of unjust hierarchies wherever they are found.

We believe that in the city of Bristol, if communities or neighbourhoods were to become autonomous, or even the city as a whole, this would mean that all people would have the ability and surety to live by their own means and by the means provided by the collective without having to bargain or compromise with a government or partake in exploitative capitalist economics.

We strive to build and defend our vision of autonomous solidarity by resisting those forms of control and power that seek to destroy us utterly.

We are people who will not be controlled. 

We will not be divided. 

We will dance, sing, sabotage, love, laugh, cry, resist and imagine what could be. 

We will build the new world in the shell of the old.

We have become ungovernable!