October 26, 2020
From Alternative Bristol (UK)

Filton & Bradley MP Jack Lopresti seems to have gone for the ‘Fagin 2020‘ approach as he joined most of his Tory MP colleagues to vote against the most vulnerable kids getting free school meals. While we understand that there is no ‘magic money tree’ (except for Brexit, there seems to be a magic money free for Brexit) we wonder if perhaps he might has pressured his South West colleague, Jacob Rees-Mogg to perhaps not have stuffed much of his cash in offshore tax havens, then there might be more money to feed kids in need? Yet for all the voting against kids in need getting food, he seems happy to get the cheap gourmet food that MPs get plus also accepted some nice slap-up meals from donors worth almost two grand. However, we’re sure that he’s ‘earning’ those two grant of meals by… errr.. being a Tory? Perhaps the kids in need can earn from free grub too by cleaning chimneys of the venues for the £330 per meal dinner Jack is going to nosh?

Source: Alternativebristol.com