November 28, 2021
From Alternative Bristol (UK)

A second Radical Bookfair in Bristol, in just over 2 months, is being co-ordinated by Active Distribution at the Exchange on Old Market, BS2 0EJ, on Sunday 19th December, from 11.30am to 3.30pm. Hot on the heels of the previous one on 10th October, comes this timely little beauty, just in time for Bristol’s radicals to pick up some suitable gifts for subverting xmas, or alternatively grabbing themselves some good long reads to get their heads into until the xmas season of over-consumption has passed!

Here’s what Active are offering us all, according to the FB event:
“There’ll be new and second hand titles from radical publishers, zine makers and activists in addition to stalls from local campaigns groups. Fill your friends’ and family’s stockings with… radical ideas!
Pitchfork Cafe will also be there from 1-3pm knocking up tasty plant-based scran and raising money for grass roots projects, while the Exchange cafe will be serving up mulled ciders and mince pies, to help it feel festive and all.
This bookfair will take place in the middle of the Colston 4 trial, and stands in solidarity with the statue topplers. We, the people of Bristol, all toppled Colston!
Show your support:
The bookfair is free to attend and numbers aren’t restricted, but COVID safety measures will be in place.
See you there!
Please bring both your bank cards and cash (not all stallholders have card machines!)
Radical Book Fair at the Exchange, 72-73 Old Market, Bristol, BS2 0EJ.”

We got fairly excited before the Bookfair in October…and had this to say:

A Bristol Bookfair is back – at last! It’s been a while…and that blasted covid hasn’t helped. Bookfairs are great – a chance to pick up radical literature & related mechandise in-person not online; meet people & network; check out local campaigns, groups, artists, authors & publishers; and expand your mind! In our experience there’s also been some cracking vegan nosh as well (and often a banging after-party).
Remember this – by attending, you will piss off the powers that be, because they don’t like people who think freely and search out alternatives…which is why covid was such a bonus for them as we were confined to our homes. It was like a prison society.
So what can we expect at this Sunday event?
Well it’s at the Exchange on Old Market BS2, not the largest venue in Bristol, but there’ll be plenty of outside pavement space if inside gets too busy. It’s gonna be mainly stalls, not meetings nor workshops. But there will be vegan food, from the excellent Pitchfork cafe. Respect to Active Distro who’ve initiated and are hosting this event, as we emerge stumbling from such a difficult and anxiety inducing couple of years.

We remember well the Bookfairs that ran yearly in Bristol from 2008-2018 (except 2012), that reached out to thousands of people & attracted them to radical ideas. To recreate – or improve on – events like that, that grew in popularity, you need to take the initative too, get organised, get stuck in, and help create community events that attract people from way beyond the activist & counter-cultural scene. Why not have a word with Active Distro and join in with organising the next one?

Have a cool Bookfair everyone!