May 5, 2022
From Alternative Bristol (UK)

We’ll keep this short and sweet: Dump The Mayor. Now.
No More Rees’s Nor Ferguson’s.
Power Corrupts.
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.

Much has been said & written on this Mayoral referendum by the chattering class & their media outlets. But essentially there are two positions:
First up, the business class, along with those favoured by Mayor Rees & his coterie of fixers & PR con merchants, want to keep the Mayor. Of course they do – they’ve done quite nicely out of it!
Second up, the political ‘democrats’, many of whom want more power, because they’ve not done so well out of the Mayoral system; along with a few who do genuinely want a more democratic & transparent form of local government, but have yet to get their heads around the reality that such a thing just isn’t possible at present (ie because of too much centralised power in Westminster).

There is of course a third position – that you can never trust a politician! This can be a principled and correct position; but also a position arrived at from a sense of alienation, demoralisation, and disenfranchisement – that you can’t change anything and that whoever you vote for makes no difference anyway.

The turnout on the 5th of May is likely to reflect a victory for the third position, but in of itself that won’t actually result in any real change! That would need much more than a vote/referendum every 4, 5 or 10 years.
The real question is – are enough Bristolians up for putting in the hard yards to bring about some really fundamental change? And that option is not on the ballot paper. Only time will tell.