December 8, 2021
From Alternative Bristol (UK)

So here we are again, the Vote Leave government, having obtained power via the lies of Brexit has set about removing the right to protest, curbing the power of legal challenges and ensuring a steady supply of donations from individuals and companies who benefit from the corrupt regime of King Boris. Here’s the latest of the naked power-grab from the dishevelled one;

Johnson is the most dangerous prime minister to have presided over the UK in the democratic era. Electors are disarmed by his impression of bonhomie and bumbling, and imagine he’s in it for the bants. But if the history of the past 100 years tells us anything, it’s beware of the clowns. Again and again we have seen the warning signs: the bumbling is an act, a studied imitation of spontaneity and ineptitude. He will go to extraordinary lengths to grasp and maintain power.

Bristol, as ever a centre of resistance & protest and a place with many fellow Bristolians who push for a better world, are (again!) rising up to protest this, here is the latest;

There’s a candle-lit vigil for all 3pm on 10th December at College Green.

Also there is #KillTheBill protest 2pm to 6pm, also at College Green.