November 20, 2020
From Alternative Bristol (UK)

So Boris has been going a bit green, no not feeling sick from the mess of the country he’s helped to make, but he’s sort of trying to do the ‘Green Tory’ thing with some environmental announcements such as phasing out petrol and diesel only cars by 2030. While any step towards tacking climate chaos is welcomed, really this is way too little and too late;

New cars and vans powered wholly by petrol and diesel will not be sold in the UK from 2030, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said. But some hybrids would still be allowed, he confirmed. It is part of what Mr Johnson calls a “green industrial revolution” to tackle climate change and create jobs in industries such as nuclear energy. Critics say the £4bn allocated to implement the 10-point plan is far too small for the scale of the challenge. The total amount of new money announced in the package is a 25th of the projected £100bn cost of high-speed rail, HS2.

So after a brief flirtation with fuzzy green stuff, Boris got back to Tory basics; buying weapons.

Boris Johnson has agreed a four-year £16.5bn surge in defence spending at a time when Britain’s public finances have been stretched by the pandemic and a day after it emerged that billions of pounds could be cut from the foreign aid budget.

So £4bn for climate and £16.5bn for weapons. Tory priorities. Other campaigners went further in their critique while also pointing out a better way to do a recovery;

The government’s green recovery plan is light on detail and the funding allocated pales in comparison to what is needed. Unemployment and CO2 emissions are rising fast, and a Green New Deal can tackle both.

Here in Bristol, there is a Green New Deal campaign that has been doing grassroots work;

Which we need more of to get a clean climate and not more dirty wars; swords into plowshares.