October 14, 2021
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

            It is a strange group of people that select a proven king of bullshitters as there chosen one to lead them to the promised land. There is no doubt what so ever that bumbling Boris is a bullshitter and a person that sees the truth as an inconvenience in trying to satisfy his unquenchable desire for fame and power. The bumbling buffoon however is not a laughable character to be amused by, he is a dangerous, power seeking individual completely divorced from the feelings of others, a play actor with a dangerous and menacing personality. He was the man at the head of the government that the cross party of MP’s said were responsible for the worst public health failure in UK history. He was at the head of the government that the same group of MP’s stated were responsible for thousands of unnecessary deaths during the early part of the Covid19 pandemic. Yet there he is, still sitting on the throne of that farce that goes by the name of UK politics. When will we ever learn.  

           To his critics, Johnson is a liar and a fraud, and stories such as this one are taken as further evidence for their case. According to his one time rival for the Conservative leadership, Rory Stewart, Johnson is “the most accomplished liar in public life—perhaps the best liar ever to serve as prime minister.” Johnson, Stewart wrote last year, has “mastered the use of error, omission, exaggeration, diminution, equivocation and flat denial. He has perfected casuistry, circumlocution, false equivalence and false analogy. He is equally adept at the ironic jest, the fib and the grand lie; the weasel word and the half-truth; the hyperbolic lie, the obvious lie, and the bullshit lie—which may inadvertently be true.”

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Source: Radicalglasgowblog.blogspot.com