May 1, 2021
From Wessex Solidarit (UK)

Buting Community Free Shop & Pantry

Mutual Aid Not Charity

Libreng Palengke with Free Coffee

Culture of SharingButing, Pasig City

This activities already on the 8th day straight now. It continues because of the donation from the neighbors, friends and family.

In a financial crisis situation that we faced, many people loss their job including some of our neighbor. Mutual-aid is a necessity specially to those communities affected by the pandemic. It is a protest against hunger instigated by an incompetent government.

Sharing is an act of resistance against this capitalist instigated falsed reality. Today, if you are aware on how the system works you should re-think and imagine a new society that solely base on sharing, mutual-cooperation, volunteerism, self-initiative to empower people for self-determination and to advance the horizontal social relation.We can achieve this by collaborating with diverse individual who believes in solidarity, compassion and empathy. The community will…