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By: Contagio social: guerra de clases microbiológica en China – Humanidad Medio

November 18, 2020
From Chuang (China)

Delivery Workers, Trapped in the System

“For all those riders who are still fighting against time on the road, all I can do is to pray quietly for them in my heart.”

Scaling the Firewall, 1: #LiftTheBucket

Worker memes on Douyin (the Chinese version of TikTok) — first in a series on social media in China

Worker organising under the pandemic: reflections from China

The impact of job losses and declining incomes on workers’ lives is much greater than before. This has repressed the beginning of a renewed period of struggle. However, this has not affected the willingness of workers who have fought directly before.

Measuring the Profitability of Chinese Industry: Data Brief

Overall, we identify a clear decline in the profitability of the Chinese economy over time, and particularly since either 2008 or 2010, depending on the measure. At the same time, the trend in Chinese industry specifically has been slightly different.

Welcome to the Frontlines: Beyond Violence and Nonviolence

The concept of “the frontline,” as developed in Hong Kong since 2014, helps to overcome the old divide between militant and peaceful protest. Those on the frontlines take personal risks to protect those around them, helping to push forward the movement as a whole, including those performing less dangerous but equally important roles.



Remolding Hong Kong: A View of the Movement from the Mainland

Translated interview with two Chinese Marxists, on state efforts to take advantage of the city’s unrest for the benefit of mainland capital’s global ambitions

Free to move, forced to move: The present state of the hukou system

As with “immigration reform” in the U.S. and Europe, changes to China’s household registration policy represent not the erosion of this system of population control, but accommodation to changes in the broader structure of production.

Hooligan Sparrow: 15 Years of Feminist Struggle

Translated update on the status of Ye Haiyan following the repression of feminists in China since 2015. (Intake from a reader.)



Left to Rot: The Crisis in China’s Pension System

Translation of an article from Tootopia: ‘The so-called pension fund deficit is, in essence, the seizure of social insurance funds for investment. And this is a problem brought about by the overaccumulation of capital.’

Social Contagion

As the secular crisis of capitalism takes on a seemingly non-economic character, new epidemics, famines, floods and other “natural” disasters will be used as a justification for the extension of state control, and the response to these crises will increasingly function as an opportunity to exercise new and untested tools for counterinsurgency. A coherent communist politics must grasp both of these facts together.

The Divided God

Appeals to US power by Hong Kongers, while not necessarily useless, can have only a limited effect. Since there is a single global system helmed by American power, it is impossible for Hong Kong to secede from the mainland and join a different sphere of influence.

Trade War or Redistribution of Wealth? (Wildcat on China at the End of 2019)

“it is not the tariffs that cause the slowdown, but the slowdown and the expiration of China’s growth model that pushes the government to adopt a more assertive, repressive and nationalistic approach”

Summer in Smoke

It was only a matter of time before it happened. The protesters and the cops both knew it. On October 1st, a teenager was shot point-blank in the chest by police. The bullet missed his heart by approximately three centimeters.



Why are informed Beijingers increasingly baffled by the struggle in Hong Kong?

Letter from a reader summarizing comments from otherwise liberal-minded office workers in Beijing, who have more access to accurate news about the situation in HK than most people in China

Three months of insurrection

Detailed timeline & in-depth, analytical interview with a collective in Hong Kong on the pros & cons of the movement so far

Journal issues 1 & 2 now available worldwide

Print copies available from distributors in four continents. Update: contents now available on our website, as well.

“Belt & Road in the Great Game”

Translated overview of a project from the collective “Events in Focus” on Chinese overseas investment & local responses, with a call for donations

Source: Chuangcn.org
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