May 16, 2022
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Communiqué of anarchist and subversive prisoners

Joining wills and consciences for the return to the streets of comrade Marcelo Villarroel Sepúlveda.

“No one will be able to erase the history of offensive resistance outside and inside Chilean prisons because in this is the commitment of hundreds of comrades and accomplices throughout the world who do not and will not stop until they see the last bastion of the prison society fall.”

-Necessary Clarities on Prison

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February 2022.

A year ago, at this time, we were conducting a hunger strike that lasted 50 days demanding the repeal of the amendments to DL 321, the annulment of the sentences of military prosecution and thus the release to the street of our comrade Marcelo Villarroel.

Today we give a new impulse to this struggle, which is fully in force, persisting as a collective priority in the return to the street of Marcelo, in whom are condensed clear and unacceptable legal aberrations that go beyond the very legality of power.

Marcelo was arrested in Argentina in March 2008 where he spent 22 months in prison, then he was expelled to Chile and today he is just over a year and a half away from serving a 14-year sentence for two bank robberies carried out in 2007, the comrade is also being held captive by a series of sentences from the early 90’s issued by the military prosecutors of Pinochet that amount to more than 46 years and with this they intend to bury him in prison perpetuating his sentences in the midst of an unacceptable complicit silence of all the structures that affirm the political, legal, police and penitentiary framework of the Chilean state.

At present, when the government of the day speaks of the “end of the transition”, military justice does not seem to exist, since it is questioned internationally and by broad political and social sectors in this country, but this is nothing more than a virtuality, since in reality we find that the military boot is still present, with the complicity of many, keeping revolutionaries in prison, demonstrating in fact the perverse continuity of the civil-military dictatorship of yesteryear.

It is now 14 years that Marcelo has been uninterruptedly imprisoned and considering his previous sentences, we realize that the comrade has spent almost 27 years, of his 49 years of life, in prison. Even so, the Power, in a clear demonstration of revenge, intends to perpetuate his imprisonment using, in this case, the much reviled and nefarious military justice.

Despite the adverse conditions marked by decades of confinement in maximum and high security regimes, Marcelo Villarroel has remained active and present at all times in the different and changing scenarios of struggle.

He was an active member of the now defunct Mapu-Lautaro, for which he is currently serving sentences for events that occurred more than 30 years ago. Then he was part of the founding nucleus of the Kolektivo Kamina Libre in the prisons of the democratic transition of the capital, carrying out, jointly, multiple hunger strikes, riots and mobilizations that resulted in the release of all the members of Kamina Libre to the streets between 2002 and 2004.

Their multiple subversive, autonomous and anarchic reflections have been a clear contribution to the debate and to the anti-prison practices both inside and outside prison, demonstrating that the prisoner is a comrade who is temporarily in a situation of confinement, from where he/she is also part of and represents a contribution to the struggle.

In this sense, a combative solidarity has been generated, understood as a reciprocal relationship that includes both the prisoner and the supportive environments of the street, where the comrade has been and is part of this constant construction that combats the victimization and assistance practices that have done so much damage to various initiatives of struggle for the release of the political prisoners of the social war, the revolt and the Mapuche.

In these moments, in which power is readjusting itself pretending to show its friendly face, we continue and strengthen this path of confrontation aiming collectively, as anarchist and subversive prisoners, for the release of our comrade Marcelo Villarroel.

We know and understand as one of the main political and juridical contradictions of the present, the maintenance and application of the sentences of military justice, so our efforts, using all forms of struggle, are focused today on the annulment of these sentences, which would immediately get Marcelo out of prison, since he is also the political prisoner who has served more years in the prisons of the Chilean state and that today can no longer be ignored.

Starting from the premise that our prisoners are the comrades we are missing in the street, we make an open call to practice militant solidarity on all levels that will allow us to get Marcelo out of this already long imprisonment, using all our imagination and means at our disposal to eliminate once and for all the nefarious military justice, its convictions and its terrifying legacy in the recent history of this territory.

We call with firmness and fraternal complicity to all those who are clearly aware of the justness of this necessary struggle as part of the fight to combat the vindictive perpetuity of the sentences imposed by the powers that be on our comrades in struggle.

We greet with deep joy the recent release to the streets of Comrade Pablo Bahamondez, “Oso” and the consequent annulment of his judicial cause, evidencing how power keeps comrades in prison for years and then they are acquitted by profoundly illegal processes for which nobody is responsible, including the years of imprisonment.

To all the anti-prison spaces, to our sister networks, to the radios and platforms of diffusion and counter-information, to the collectives, cells and related nuclei, to the libraries, publishing houses, publications and squatted spaces, to the muralist brigades, workshops, bands and multiform creators, to the comrades and sisters in struggle and rebels of all the territories, we call upon you to face together this urgent and unavoidable battle.







-Mónica Caballero Sepúlveda.

Women’s Prison of San Miguel, Santiago.

-Francisco Solar Domínguez.

Module 2 maximum security prison, Rancagua company.

-Joaquín García Chanks.

-Juan Aliste Vega.

-Marcelo Villarroel Sepúlveda.

Module 1 high security prison, Rancagua company.

-1 May 2022

Month of struggle until the last bastion of prison society is destroyed.

In memory of Mauricio Morales!

Source: Publicacion Refractario