September 4, 2021
From Bure Bure Bure

This event’s program is available on the onestpasdup website [in french], or on the page of the event [in french].

As expected, the public inquiry about the Request for Declaration of Public Necessity (DUP) for the Cigeo Radioactive Waste Landfill Project will take place from September 15 to October 23. We call to oppose and block it wherever it takes place!

Despite the enormous shortcomings of the case filled in August 2020 by the Andra, the questions left suspended, the unfavourable opinions expressed by several municipal councils, the request to freeze the process required by associations opposed to the project, it seems that it is the urge that is once again presiding over this matter. The political objectives are clear: for ‘ecology’ Minister Barbara Pompili, it is now a matter of rushing this investigation in the hope of receiving the conclusions early next year and being able to promulgate the public utility of CigĂ©o before March 2022. Beyond this deadline, the process would be stopped for several months by the presidential and then legislative elections.

For the authorities, it is obviously urgent to declare this nuclear waste bin of public utility. We therefore call on them to waste time, again and again, as much as possible, as we have been doing for years – remember that the DUP was initially planned for 2015 – until their criminal project ends up collapsing.

There will be no public inquiry in Bure!
There will never be a landfill of radioactive waste, neither here nor elsewhere!

What is the public inquiry?

Concretely, the investigation takes the form of meetings, that is to say time slots during which the DUP application file (about 5000 pages) can be consulted in town hall, in the presence of one or more investigating commissioners (there are five in this survey). On this occasion, a notice or question can be recorded in the public inquiry registry. These opinions must enable the Commissioners to formulate their own opinion, whether favourable or not (spoiler: in the end, their opinion will be favourable).

Here, 25 3-hour shifts are planned. They will take place in six villages directly impacted by the project: Bure, Saudron, Gondrecourt-le-ChĂąteau, Mandres-en-Barrois, Cirfontaines-en-Ornois and Montiers-sur-Saulx (see calendar below), each time in the town halls.

These permanences must be held so that the public inquiry complies with the legal provisions.

It means that the commissioners must access the town halls, that the file and the registers have to be consultable (probably in electronic version), that the time slots have to be respected, etc.

In addition to these functions, Commissioners may hold public meetings. Only one is currently planned, that is when the Andra will come to praise the quality of her DUP application file. It will be in Gondrecourt on Friday, September 17, from 5 to 7 pm.

Call for action, here, everywhere, throughout the investigation!

This is no longer the time nor the place to explain why we do not believe in this participatory democracy, these calls for dialogue enshrined in law, or the injunction to make “constructive criticisms”. We already exposed our arguments elsewhere (la FĂȘte des Acronymes – in french) as well as the stakes of this DUP (CigĂ©o’s DUP : Stakes of a Fool’s Game – in english) and the enormous risks that CigĂ©o would pose (here or there – in french).

We no longer want to engage with those who, for the past 30 years, have sat on our fears, our oppositions and our anger no matter how we formulated them, in actions, in public debates or forums, on the street or in petitions, in an occupied forest or in the luxury of ministerial offices.

We do not want to improve this project, we want to destroy it.

We do not want to improve the nuclear industry, make it safer, greener or prettier to look at: we want it to disappear.

For all these reasons,

We call to prevent this public inquiry to happen by all means,

We call to block each of the planned permanences,

We call to get creative to find a thousand obstacles to put in the way of this comedy

We call to join us in Bure and in the surrounding villages if you can,

To act from home, everywhere in France and elsewhere,

We call to gather in front of the town halls on the days of permanences,

Block the public inquiry site whenever you like (

We invite you to join us for a first highlight, FROM 15 TO 18 SEPTEMBER, on the occasion of the opening of the public inquiry.

The program will be detailed in the coming days but one thing is certain: the more we are, the clearer our message will be; the stronger we will be at the beginning of the investigation, the more there will be no doubt that it will not be able to take place.

Nuclear power is dying, let’s push it!

WE ARE NOT DUP ! [word joke between dupes/fooled and DUP, the Declaration of Public Necessity]
WE ARE NOT DAC ! [word joke between dac/ok and DAC, the Request for Authorization to Create]

See you soon,
Residents of the South Meuse