The defenders of the Atikamekw and Innu land accompanied by non-native allies will block from 1:00 pm today the path that crosses the Nitaskinan, between “Saint -Michel ”and Manawan in order to oppose extractivism.

At the 16th kilometer on the QC-131 N road, Atikamekw, Innu and non-native activists have been present since Friday to raise awareness and mobilize the population. We are talking here, among other things, of the clearcuts that have been ransacking the territory for years, but also of the graphite mine which is currently being set up a few kilometers away and which will have major impacts on nature and the quality of life. of the next generations.

Along the way, we can see two large posters calling for a 5-year moratorium on extractivism. Inserts were distributed throughout the weekend to cars passing on the road, in order to educate the population about the issues of destruction of nature, among other things, the devastation of forests and wildlife on the Nitaskinan. Today, Monday March 1, 2021, activists will be present from 10:00 a.m. and will completely block traffic from 1:00 p.m.

An Atikamekw activist on site today mentions that “For several years, the forests of Nitaskinan have been ransacked by the destructive machines of forestry companies, creating floods and loss of habitat for wildlife! Now there are fewer bears and moose in the area, and they may eventually become extinct. Another adds that “The white birch, essential to Atikamekw culture, is also in danger. ”

The group that is mobilizing today wishes to recall that neither the colonial government nor the band council have legitimacy over these unceded territories. Often these two governments would rather agree together to wreck it for the benefit of a few rather than to take care of it for the next seven generations.

A person on site mentions that “the action carried out this weekend is only the beginning. Others will follow, because Ekoni Aci! That’s enough! We must let nature regain its strength and that is why we are asking for a five-year moratorium on all mining projects on the Nitaskinan ”.