April 13, 2021
From Alternative Bristol (UK)

There’s a campaign going on in Bristol and other cities in the UK (indeed the world!) about trying to make cities ‘car free spaces’. Why the focus on cars?

In the UK, one-third of our carbon emissions come from transport, and private cars are the biggest contributor. Not only do we need to drastically reduce our car use to reach climate targets, but our aim of fewer cars on the road will help people live healthier lives too.

This new campaign is focused on four cities in the UK; Birmingham, Leeds, London and, of course, Bristol. The campaign uses the slogan ‘car free’ however the detail is more nuanced in approach;

From the outset, let’s be clear – a “car free city” is a city which is free of the dangers, pollution, and emissions caused by mass private car ownership. It’s not a city with no cars at all. We recognise there are many people, including disabled people, who cannot get around without a car, and our campaign to reduce the number of cars in cities will make their lives easier too.

Here’s the video that looks at Bristol:

You can find out more on the campaign here.

Source: Alternativebristol.com