December 3, 2020
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

         Covid19 has certainly been a great boon to the capitalist world, it has allowed the reshaping and refinancing of the crumbling capitalist model, leaving the bill for the tax payer, and as I have said before allowed the state to tighten its grip on the population. There is another opportunity that has been seized by the financial section of capitalism, the cashless society. The wet-dream of the financial gurus, and of the state has been a cashless society. Of course not in the same sense that anarchist/communists see a cashless society.  Transactions are much easier controlled if there is no physical cash to change hands. Much more efficient without producing all that moving around securely, producing and counting  paper and coinage. There will be no place to hide, we all need to purchase in this capitalist nightmare. The cashless society would mean that every financial transaction you make would be logged and stored in a computer somewhere, place, time, amount, all stored. There to be pried into, analysed and profiled along with your other actions from that massive intrusive array of surveillance apparatus that surround us all. 

        The pandemic was the golden opportunity to make cash infectious, dirty, much better and safer to use contactless cards. This moves on to the next money saving exercise, the end of the ATM machines, why maintain and service all those devices if the
bulk of the population just wave a card to pay for everything, plus the
line that is pushed, everybody now purchases on-line. Then of course, no cash deposits or withdrawals, so why have all those people sitting around in those nice banks dotted around you cities and towns, you can do it all on line.  Of course the most vulnerable are the ones who depend most on cash in the hand, but to our financial masters, they are a negligible minority that can be taken out of any equation in their grand plans, superfluous to requirements. The cashless society is a blessing to the control freaks in state organisations and a must for the financial mafia in their drive for a totally controlled, world wide system, of financial control and manipulation. Because of the pandemic and the ensuing propaganda from the state and its coterie of parasite companions, we have allowed ourselves to quietly walk into their dream, a world under their total control. One world, one open prison, with no escape route, except revolution of course. 


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