November 20, 2020
From Act For Freedom

via: Attaque
News from the social war / Thursday November 5 2020
October 16 at around 9p.m. in the municipality of EstaciĂłn Central [in the western suburbs of Santiago], the driver of a Transantiago bus was held up with guns and forced to get out. Unknown persons sprinkled petrol over the bus completely burning the vehicle, at the corner of Portales and Padre Hurtado streets.
Fire-fighters quickly arrived and found leaflets in the surrounding area saying: « Faced with a new electoral pact. Revolutionary violence against the State/prison/capital. Unceasing attack against the cogs of the power machine».
This action took place a few days before the anniversary of the revolt of October 18, and on the eve of the plebiscite for a new constitution.