March 6, 2021
From The Free

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On March 2nd, a caravan of mothers of femicide victims from Chiapas arrived in Juchitan, Oaxaca. Given the lack of justice and impunity in the state of Chiapas, these women, members of the “Karla Velasco” Foundation, had announced, through a statement, their intention to depart for Mexico City to“confront President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador for the impunity of his things in the local authorities.”

Maricruz Velasco Najera and Manuel Gomez Giron are the parents of one of the victims, a young woman murdered in 2018 without there being a sentence against the person linked to the process or without knowing if there are accomplices.“What we are demanding is justice for our women, we want all of Mexico to know that in Chiapas women are being killed, that’s why we went out in a caravan, we may not be many, but we no longer want to…

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