October 24, 2020
From It's Going Down

Report on recent banner drops in so-called Chicago in solidarity with the #EndSARS revolt in Nigeria.

To the Militants Fighting SARS
in the Streets of Nigeria
From Your Militant Abolitionist Allies
in the Alleyways of Chicago

Revolutionary Greetings!

The embers from the flames of the High Court on Lagos Island can be magnificently seen gleaming their way over our rooftops here in Chicago! The police are domestic, occupying forces in the Black communities in North amerika. Yet through the ugliness of the state, something beautiful is becoming revealed: The illusion that Black people could never unite is being torched!

Black people here in the united states are UNITING! May the entire white-washed world turn Black with smoke left from the match of insurrection being struck across the Black Diaspora!

One of amerikan society’s throw-aways,


of the Black Autonomy Federation

Friday, October 23rd, 2020

“We are advocates of Black revolution worldwide.”

— from #1. In Who We Are

B.A.F.  C.L.O.C.
P.O. Box 408197
Chicago, IL 60640

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Source: Itsgoingdown.org