As the Libertarian Assembly of Santiago, we extend this invitation and request the dissemination of a day of protest dated Friday September 3 at 6.30 p.m. in Cerro Huelà against state terrorism and enforced disappearances: —- The young 16-year-old Mapuche, Josà Huenante, was reported missing by the riflemen on September 3, 2005 in Puerto Montt, his town original. In addition to saving his face and his memory with the other young victims of the state, the young Mapuche reminds us through his story of the murderous nature of democracy, as well as the complicity of characteristic of the police which, to date, do not do so. find where his body is, he also does not give certainty about the culprits, and the homicide cannot be proven by the police or third parties. What is certain is that Josà Huenante was in the custody of the vassals of the State, the latter being the culprits of his death.
Josà Huenante has gone unnoticed in the Chilean reality, little is said about his disappearance and, of course, the spread of hegemony media that have never doubted their utility at the status quo is zero. There has never been any declaration or legal intervention for Huenante’s disappearance from institutional political parties. We can only affirm that justice will come uniquely and exclusively from the struggling oppressed class, since we can expect nothing from the state and from capital.
There is a lot of talk about democracy and dictatorship, constantly emphasizing the advantages and differences between them, in endless discussions about the conquest of power. However, the community or communities struggling against the state and capital will not stop demonstrating and attacking the murderous and coercive character of both democracy and dictatorship, where capital will always have control over our lives and it will not allow us to develop. in accordance with a community ethic, anti-authoritarian and in harmony with our environment.
We have no doubt that the state is inherently a murderer and an enemy of the reality we want to build. Its function is to ensure the maintenance and durability of the domination of capital, by resorting to repressive and disciplinary measures for this, regardless of the current leaders. This is why we must not give up any space of memory, while continuing to strengthen the instances where combative solidarity can change the misery of the reality of the territory guarded by the State. from Chile.
Since we have to face these problems and make state terrorism visible (both in democracy and in dictatorship), we are preparing to set this date as a day. © e of agitation. This is why it seems essential to us to come together to commemorate Huenante and all the victims of forced detention, as well as to show our solidarity with those imprisoned and kept for their fight against the current order. We invite you to come together in protest this Friday September 3 at 6.30 p.m. at Cerro Huelén. It also seems important to us to stress the importance of accompanying us as a class in our resistance to the current order, understanding that state terrorism is a constant threat for us. As long as our lives are at their mercy, we have no choice but to fight!


Source: Awsm.nz