March 2, 2021
From Act For Freedom

via: Attaque translated by Act for freedom now!
source: Publicacion Refractario / Monday 22 February 2021
4 February 2021, a hearing was held following the end of the 6-month investigation period decreed during the arrest of the compas Mónica and Francisco, in July 2020. They are accused of sending explosive packages to the 54e commissariat and the former Minister of the Interior Rodrigo Hinzpetter, as well as the double explosive attack against the real estate company Tanica, in Vitacura.

During the hearing the Prosecutor pointed out that there were still some stages in the current investigation, and asked for 6 more months for investigations. The defence opposed it, but in the end the 11th Chamber of the Civil Liberties Court accepted the prosecution’s request: the investigation remains open for another 6 months.

At the same hearing there was a review of the preventive detention of Francisco; finally it was maintained and, after a few days, the Court of Appeal ratified it.
On February 10 the detention review hearing was held for the companion Mónica; it too has been maintained.
The two hearings took place by videoconference and were followed by compas, as well as a large number of civil claimants, who filled the screen.
We recall that Mónica is imprisoned in the Public Connotation Module of the prison of San Miguel and Francisco is being held in the Maximum Security Unit of the High Security prison.

Let’s strengthen the various initiatives and agitation in solidarity with our compas!

Complicity and solidarity with Mónica and Francisco, rebellion against the police State!
To write to them:

Francisco Solar Domínguez
Unidad especial de alta seguridad – Sección de Máxima Seguridad
Avenida Pedro Montt 1902
Santiago Centro, Región Metrópolitana (Chile)

Mónica Caballero Sepúlveda
Centro de prisión preventiva de mujeres de San Miguel
San Francisco 4756
San Miguel, Región Metrópolitana (Chile)