November 15, 2020
From Act For Freedom

via:  Attaque
“…when you look for alliances, you end up modifying your objectives in the name of the political justification of the struggle: a “better future”. Not realizing that faith in the future is essential for the perpetuation of domination. Always living in the future is precisely the traditional method for not living here and now, moving away from the permanent conflict implicit in the anarchist war for ever …
Basically, behind this positioning are concealed outdated instituting positions. True to the echo of the siren song, some have heard verses of praise to freedom – which resonate at the dawn of every revolution – without knowing that in reality they are just hymns to the new constituent Power.
Then come the naive explanations, the search for motivations and causes of “deviations”, “betrayals”, the old story of the “betrayed revolution” will be repeated ad nauseam, instead of seeing that a Revolution has never been (nor ever will be) on the side of freedom, but always in the service of power, because any revolution is intrinsically instituting… ”Gustavo Rodriguez, « Letter to a Chilean about the current situation », November 2019.
After a year of paralysis, because of the health measures imposed by the Piñera government thousands of people came out into the streets to “celebrate” the first anniversary of the popular demonstrations that shook the Chilean region last October. Today, in a context of popular revolt, the left parties and the scourge of the avant-garde aim, as always, to control the masses, with their multiform “struggle” strategy.
With the slogan “Chile has woken up “, the Reds are implementing a referendum policy of circumstance and obliging the voluntary servants to vote for “Approval” [of a new constitution, decided by the referendum of October 25; translator’s note.] In the same way as the right, criminal, is imposing voting for “Rejection”. That was the task of Daniel Jadue [politician of Partido Comunista de Chile] of Camila Vallejo [deputy, ex vice-president of Juventudes Comunistas de Chile, the youth organisation of the PCCh.] That was the task of the other red cops, who suffocated the insurrection with reformist brakes aiming to impose a new Constitution,  which will strengthen the system of domination.
Thus, they wanted to impose a peaceful demonstration in joy, wisdom and unity, in every corner of the country which would have led millions of Chileans on October 25, to vote for “approval”, by co-opting the revolt.
But at nightfall, anarchic action and nihilist attack revitalised their strength, attacking all forms of power, expropriating and vandalising businesses, burning churches and attacking police stations. Over 40,000 carabiniers weren’t enough to contain the anarchic insurrection.
Our war has only just begun: we are going to attack power here and now, be it right, centre or left.
For permanent insurrection and the development of anarchist insurrectional informality.
For total liberation.
Freedom for Monica and Francisco and all the anarchist prisoners in the world.
Strength to comrade Gabriel Pombo Da Silva.
From here we hail the resurgence of the CCF in Indonesia.
Let the fire spread.
Long live anarchy.
Translated by Act for freedom now!