I have a lot of respect for the band Chumbawamba. Loved the music, but also for the band as well.

When I was living in Calgary in the 1990s, I helped put together two solidarity tours to raise money for striking Liverpool dock workers and also for striking Detroit newspaper workers. During the latter, tour, the band played Calgary, and allowed us to set up a lit table, had striker Dennis Nazelli address the crowd, and helped us raise over $500 for the strike. Good people.

When my daughter was small, I used to sing to her. We had some favourite like Roy Bailey and the Wiggles (odd pairing I know), but Chumbawamba’s “Hanging on the Old Barbed Wire” and “The Day the Nazi died” were up there as well.

Yesterday my daughter, now in her 20s, told me two of her new favourites were “Give the Anarchist a cigarette” and “Mouthful of Shit” both from the album Anarchy.

I’m a good dad!

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