July 14, 2021
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

        Over the centuries religion has always held a seat at the table of the powerful, have always walked the corridors of power with a self righteous pomp crafted by duplicity. The history of religion is a history of blood and violence and an unquenchable thirst for power over the people. All religions have blood on their hands, each and every one of them accept without question that their word is the only truth, and without hesitation will inflict unbelievable savagery and cruelty in their attempt to bend you to their will, they will go to war to prove their god is the only right and loving god. The state and religion make up the perfect apparatus for the subjugation of the people, two authoritarian institutions whose only desire is the control of the people’s minds and their actions. Both are barriers to freedom, both must be destroyed for freedom to flourish.

The following extract from Enough is Enough: 

          As Churches go up in flames in and across the nation and colonialist
statues, venerated by the State, are splashed blood red, ripped from
their foundations, and smashed to pieces, it is crystal clear that
liberal-centrist institutions are the major culprit of cultural,
economic, and real genocide. The Church and State are power-tools,
machines of ideology. They are designed to perpetrate mass surveillance,
discipline, and punishment of any type upon the general-population
and/or any specific social group; all the while, they mask their inhuman
activities in an instantaneous legality manufactured by their very own
institutional apparatuses. And, of course, this so-called legality is
always a legalized oppression orchestrated by the Church and State
themselves, namely, the very same institutions engaged in various forms
of repression, both ideological and real.

Originally published by Disident Voice. Written by Michel Luc Bellemare.

         The fact of the matter is that people require the abstraction of the
State-apparatus and/or an apparatus like the Church to absolve
themselves of responsibility and culpability as they partake in cultural
extermination. In fact, the slimy tentacles of the State-apparatus and
the Church, which snake throughout the social fabric of our communities
infecting everything and everyone with the venom of docility and passive
acceptance, continually pontificate that whatever is told to us from
the pulpit of the Church and/or the parliament of the State is the word
of God and the law of the land. Throughout history, the State-apparatus
and/or the Church have always offered Janus-face civil servants and
priests the unique Ubermensch ability to act with legal impunity and a
good conscience, regardless of how vile their acts may be because, in
the end, they are doing God’s will, or in the case of the State, the
people’s will.

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