October 17, 2021
From Alternative Bristol (UK)

There is no bigger issue than climate change. It is about the fundamentals of if we can maintain a planet that can sustain any reasonable degree of human life. Every other issue – refugees, poverty, war, inequality – is amplified for the worse, by climate change. We never asked for this to be ‘the issue’ indeed many of us have spent decades campaigning for action on it. Yet here we still are; facing an existential crisis.

The UK is hosting COP26, which might be a good opportunity to push for meaningful global action if we had a competent government. But no, we’ve got Boris and his bunch of cronies appointed for the adherence Brexit and not on the basis of talent or knowledge. Locally, we’ve got a mayor who’s flip-flopped on the major local climate issue; Bristol Airport Expansion. Action is clearly needed, and the youth are taking this on and we should all get behind them!

22nd of October – 12PM – College Green Pre COP26 climate strike! Let’s send a message to Glasgow that the eyes of the world are on them! We see their blah blah blah!

Source: Alternativebristol.com