Extreme cold in regions of Brazil, excessive heat and fires in northern countries. The effects of climate change made headlines in the newspapers in recent days, with the release of the report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), of the UN, which concluded that global warming is progressing faster than previously imagined. The alert dominated the social networks, but under the discourse that extreme weather events are caused by human beings, it is hidden that the real responsible are the capitalists and the system that sustains them , while oppressing billions of people and they degrade the environment.

The report prepared by IPCC scientists is based on thousands of scientific articles produced in recent years. One of the conclusions was that the burning of fossil fuels and the release of greenhouse gases are causing acidification and an increase in temperature in the oceans, contributing to the increase in heat waves, also caused by several factors, in addition to strong floods and more droughts. intense. Fires and storms, for example, are increasingly constant events.

The capitalist development model brutally exploits human bodies, animals and Nature. In this system, a handful of people have the money and power to put profits above lives – human and non-human. Therefore, the burning of oil, coal and gas, the destruction of forests, the contamination and pollution of the oceans, overfishing, the agricultural industry, among other actions, serve a production and consumption model that prioritizes the accumulation of wealth, and it maintains domination over the environment and the oppressed classes.

In the last thirty years, 100 corporations concentrated 70% of the emission of greenhouse gases in the world. Over the decades, they gained tax breaks and countless other benefits, while they advanced in the emission of pollutants, massacring traditional peoples and contaminating waters and soils. These billion dollar industries, in addition to contributing to climate change, leave other trails of destruction. The plastic industries, for example, not only cause health problems in the countries in which they operate, but also create demand for plastic in poor countries that do not have recycling services, generating a serious environmental impact, oppressing those from below and destroying the Nature.

It is not for a moral reason that the great climate agreements announced by States and extolled by the media and big companies are not complied with. It is the very nature of the capitalist system that needs to be questioned, fought and overcome! Here in Brazil, the agro-export model of large estates, for the production of grain and cattle raising, concentrates wealth and violates the original and traditional peoples. It expels millions to urban centers, causing other social and environmental problems, such as unemployment, lack of housing, basic sanitation… minimal conditions for a dignified life. Loggers and land grabbers, at the behest of agro-exploring landowners, cause fires that destroy our biomes in the name of accumulation, under the eyes of governments.

We, CAB militants, reinforce that the only way to fight environmental destruction is to promote the daily struggle of peoples in the countryside, forests, waters and cities, in the face of unbridled capitalist exploitation . The Nation-State serves to maintain the interests of the ruling classes, so only with a federalist and libertarian organization model, historically defended by anarchism, is ecological management possible.

It is the organized oppressed classes, not governments and large corporations , that can save the Earth and establish another model of society, making use of scientific and popular knowledge, which respects all forms of life and is at the service of Humanity and Nature, not a minority. For that, it is necessary to build Popular Power, towards Libertarian Socialism!

Colapso climático: a culpa é dos capitalistas!

Source: Awsm.nz