January 23, 2021
From Radical Glasgow (UK)


          According to bumbling Boris, his government will be a government with a green agenda that will lead the world. Of course recent history has taught  us that Boris’s words don’t stand for much, and the reverse could be uttered just a few months later. So to say that he will lead Britain away from coal doesn’t actually mean that, it just sounds good at the moment. His true credentials are now up for scrutiny, as Cumbria County Council has given permission for a new coal mine to be opened in their area. Obviously this doesn’t equate with the words of the Boris brigade announcements. Robert Jenrick, Communities Secretary could of course have stymied this decision, but came up with the lame excuse that it was a local issue. As Communities Secretary I wonder what believes his job to be, perhaps some of his buddies have shares in coal, who knows, but it certainly blows a hole in the green credentials of the Boris brigade.

                                            The ravages of opencast coal mining

         Coal, no matter how they mine it, it is a disaster for the planet, open cast or deep mine, it pollutes the water table and destroys the environment, among other disaster, no matter how the consume it it is a disaster all life on the planet, from sea levels to the air we breathe. This decision must be opposed at all levels, the last thing we need in this climate crisis is another coal mine. The Cumbria Council’s pathetic excuse for granting permission is the usual economist garbage, “that it will bring jobs to the area”. By their logic we should spread covid19, as it will create more jobs in the NHS and care services. We truly live in an insane society, more coal will mean higher sea levels, more coastal towns and cities being threatened with flooding or disappearing, but the people of Cumbria will have a few more jobs. CO2 levels will increase speeding the planet to a human disaster, but the people of Cumbria will have a few more jobs. It seems that sanity has disappeared in that cloud of coal fumes, or is it greed for profit.

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