February 25, 2021
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

        A week or so ago I posted a piece referring to the pent up anger of the people, and likened it to a coiled up spring and sooner or later it will uncurl as all coiled up springs do, and the pent up anger will no longer be a murmuring under current but will become a physical event. A glance across the world and there is a realisation that the coil of anger is already releasing its energy. From Hong Kong to Ecuador people have been taking to the streets in protest at the myriad of injustices, gross inequalities, corruption, police brutality, blatant abuse by those in power and a host of other foul endemic features of this capitalist system.






South America:

      And of course the little reported largest workers strike in the world ever.

India:  https://socialistworker.co.uk/art/51024/Indian+farmers+join+mass+action+after+Modi+government+attacks%C2%A0

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        However, where is the anger of the people of UK, still murmuring below the surface, what little act will cause the UK pent up coil of anger to explode? 

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