Outside selfie in the sunshine, Cole looking into phone camera with his Rottweiler, Brixton, paws on his chest, licking his face.
Cole, being loved on by Brixton. Cole’s last instagram post, days before he passed.

Our comrade, our beautiful homie, our friend Cole was snatched away from all of us last month. He was only 41 and passed away without warning. A huge hole has been ripped open and left us all stunned. It has taken a month for us to even feel right posting this memorial page.

He touched so many lives. But how to sum up a life?! How to stay true to the wholeness and contradictions of a life? People grieve and mark the lives of those passed in different ways but the official obituaries seem to only stand as society’s recordkeeping.

So what to do? How to honor his life and honor what we each knew of him?

Let us all share our own versions of Cole. Comment below.
We will publish and share everything whatever you send us.***
Share what he meant to you.
Tell your stories. Send a pic.
Tell him how you miss him.
Grieve however you have to.
Let it flow and let this page stand for him.

May his memory be a blessing.

Oakland Abolition and Solidarity

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