April 17, 2021
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“To end illicit crops, the best way out is voluntary substitution with real guarantees for the peasantry”

An Unnatural Epidemic: Kidney Disease Caused by Glyphosate …

Aerial spraying of illicit crops with the toxic and carcinogenic herbicide glyphosate resumed, approved by presidential decree.

Monsanto Is Killing People in Argentina - True Activist

The US corporation Monsanto has a cosy relation with the US regime and practically owns the Food and Drug Administration(FDA). Scientists have known for a generation that glyphosate is a carcinogenic. And the additives, many of them under secret patents are much more lethal...

Senator Iván Cepeda pointed out that “a social catastrophe is looming in many rural areas of the country, the government chooses to fumigate and not to apply the substitution of crops foreseen in the 2016 Peace Agreement.”


GENETICALLY MODIFIED CHILDREN – NEW FILM The US is forcing glyphosate again on its client State Colombia, for a cocaine problem caused by huge US demand for the drug, and endemic poverty in Colombia caused by 70 years of US support for the criminal ruling class..

For her part, the parliamentarian of the Comunes party Sandra Ramírez labeled the fact as shameful and asked President Iván Duque if he is not embarrassed to inform that the action will be controlled, when in 2015 the then Vice Minister of Health and current head Fruiz Gomez said that glyphosate causes cancer.

October 2013 - iBC_FN | iBankCoin Financial News

The ruling comes as a timely bonanza for Monsanto, and its new owner Bayer, who are mired in billion dollar lawsuits taken by US victims precisely of glyphosate poisoning. Most of the victims, many dying, have a cancer called ‘Non Hodgkins Lymphoma’ which has been proven to be linked to the Roundup herbicide.

Ramírez added that, “To end illicit crops, the best way out is voluntary substitution with real guarantees for the peasantry.”

Glyphosate not classified as a carcinogenic - Dextra ...

Colombia: Glyphosate Spraying Kills Native Species And not just cancer and deformations for humans. Random aerial spraying of farms and forest suspected of holding coca plants is an ecocidal crime against the planet and devastates unique and invaluable Colombian habitats and ecosystems.

Uribista Iván Duque decreed on April 12 the rule to persist with aerial spraying, restricted for public health reasons in 2015, after pronouncements of the Constitutional Court and opinion of the National Narcotics Council.

Monsanto Herbicide Linked to Birth Defects | Health

30,000 Doctors In Argentina DEMAND A Ban On Glyphosate The resumption of aerial spraying of roundup type herbicides sends a strong message that the US doesn’t give a fuck for the WHO declaring it carcinogenic or for people dying of cancer and terrible deformities, as long as their profits stay good. Spraying glyphosate is part of the patriotic agenda. Dangerous Glyphosate Levels Found in the Human Body


Colombia. Duque decreta dispersión aérea con glifosato, el ilegal tóxico cancerígeno

“Para acabar con los cultivos de uso ilícito la mejor salida es la sustitución voluntaria con garantías reales para el campesinado”

Por Kaos. América Latina Publicado el 13 Abr, 2021

Se reanudaron las fumigaciones aéreas sobre cultivos ilícitos con el herbicida tóxico y cancerígeno glifosato, aprobadas a través de un decreto presidencial.

Stranger in a Strange Land: Anti-Monsanto Protests Spark ...

El senador Iván Cepeda señaló al respecto que «se avecina una catástrofe social en muchas zonas rurales del país, el gobierno opta por fumigar y no por aplicar la sustitución de cultivos prevista en el Acuerdo de Paz de 2016».

Por su parte, la parlamentaria del partido Comunes Sandra Ramírez rotuló el hecho de vergonzoso y preguntó al presidente Iván Duque si no le da pena informar que la acción va a ser controlada, cuando en 2015 el entonces viceministro de Salud y actual titular Fruiz Gomez sostuvo que el glifosato produce cáncer.

Genetically Modified Children - New Film Unveils ...

Genetically Modified Children – New Film Unveils

Ramírez agregó que, «Para acabar con los cultivos de uso ilícito la mejor salida es la sustitución voluntaria con garantías reales para el campesinado».

El uribista Iván Duque decretó el reciente 12 de abril la norma para persistir con las aspersiones aéreas, restringidas por razones de salud pública en 2015, tras pronunciamientos de la Corte Constitucional y dictamen del Consejo Nacional de Estupefacientes.


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