On June 23, 2021, according to the National Institute of Health, the regrettable and painful figure of 101,302 accumulated deaths and 720 daily deaths from Covid-19 were registered in Colombia. The brutal figure of 100,000 deaths registered as a result of the new coronavirus in the 15-month pandemic, was already reached on June 21 according to the same source, which gives a higher number than the population of the town of Los Mártires in Bogotá and similar to that of the city of Girardot in the country.

However, DANE already warned of the existence of a greater number of probable deaths, with 16,464 additional suspicious deaths until April of this year, which would show a balance of at least 117,766 deaths due to the disease to date, that is, more inhabitants than the population of the town of Santa Fe in Bogotá or the city of Chía nationwide. And all in a pandemic that the WHO estimates can leave 2 or 3 times more fatalities than those reported by official records.

Thus, in the midst of critical government incompetence, there is an accumulated 3,997,021 total cases of Coronavirus in the country to date, with a high under-registration, as well as 168,825 active cases, with 28,616 reported on June 22 and 385,419 cases in the last 14 days, which leaves the country with an average of 80,918 cases per million inhabitants, well above the Latin American and world average. According to the portal Our world in data, this leads the country to register a mortality rate of 2.54%, a percentage above the world average, which drastically worsens according to classes, regions and ages.
With alarming levels of practical denial on the part of the bourgeoisie and the state, the country has become the country in the world with the highest number of deaths registered in proportion to its population in the last two weeks, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. And in this way, in the global accumulated, Colombia becomes the tenth with the most registered deaths and the largest number of cases in the world, the third with the most new cases per day and the 32nd place in cases per million inhabitants.

At the same time that this dramatic situation occurs, the country that started late, slowly and with strong regional inequality, its vaccination program presents, according to the INS, some 15.3 million doses of vaccines applied until June 23, with 10.3 million of people vaccinated with at least one dose, which represents about 20.88% of the population and 4.98 million people fully vaccinated, which is close to 10.1% of the population, a percentage below the world average and only slightly above the regional percentage. This could lead the country to delay the spread of the pandemic 2 more years, experience fourth and fifth peaks, and probably more than doubling the number of fatalities registered to date.

The government of Iván Duque has sought to ignore its criminal responsibility and blame this situation on the days of national strike that began on April 28. However, by April 27, the country already registered dramatic figures, with 72,235 deaths and 436 daily deaths, with 2,804,881 accumulated cases and 106,482 active cases, amid a third rising peak, a hospital system on red alert, with a forecast of 2 more weeks of increase and an occupancy of 91.2% of the Intensive Care Units in Bogotá (ICU) in Bogotá.

Although it is clear that we owe ourselves a self-criticism from the popular movement for the insufficiency and inconsistency of our protection measures during the protest, it is very clear that concentrations with outdoor bio-security elements are absolutely safer than overcrowded offices and crowded public transportation advocated by government authorities, according to consensus among serious academic epidemiologists.

Precisely in this period and following employers’ unions such as ANDI and Fenalco that show great contempt for the lives of women workers, national and local governments approve a total opening of the economy, against any minimum scientific and ethical consideration. While the return to face-to-face work is presented without sanitary conditions, with a crowded public transport, and bars and discos are opened without masks, by June 22 the ICU occupancy in Bogotá reached 95.5% and 97% for Covid, percentage abstract, similar to natural disasters, which does not represent the overflow of most intensive care units.

This disease, it is clear, especially hits older people, but it also has a clear class criterion, especially affecting those who have less income, education and live in more densely populated environments, so that strata 1, 2 and 3 concentrate According to DANE, 89.6% of the victims until 2020 and the popular sectors have a percentage close to double the fatality rate of the more affluent sectors, according to researchers from the University of Antioquia.

At present, and despite the publicity waste of the Duque government, desperate to regain some popularity, the country survives with a failed mitigation strategy, without elements of containment or eradication. In the midst of the shortages of oxygen and medicines reported by health workers, the State and private companies grow from solid epidemiological surveillance programs, which includes serious and persistent deficits in the application of tests that reached only 0.61% of the population according to specialists.

In this general framework, according to the WHO to date, only 1% of all vaccines have been applied in low-income countries, while the richest countries concentrate the vast majority of doses, after months of chauvinism and vaccine piracy and medical utensils, colonial policies that only ensure the continuation and extension of the pandemic for several years. Thus, countries like India that produce 60% of vaccines worldwide, export most of these materials amid the suffering and death of large swaths of their population, all while the imperial states buy doses that exceed several times the total. of its population. In parallel, the United Nations’ COVAX mechanism has been notably ineffective, delivering only 38% of the doses promised to date.

Our proposal
We must break with the normalization of the tragedy and with the policies of genocide against the weak that are enthusiastically adopted today by big businessmen and national and regional governments. In the midst of active solidarity with the victims of the pandemic and with deep empathy for their loved ones, we have to build a culture of dignified life and solidarity, which breaks with individualism, contempt for others and the machismo of the strongest .

Likewise, we have to denounce the political and economic responsible for the tragedy, and the political and business leadership that in recent decades closed hospitals and prevention programs, appropriated the money from commercialized public health and precarious working conditions and the life of health workers in particular and of the entire population in general.

Today it is urgent to strengthen prevention and monitoring policies, to promote the social programs necessary to make isolation effective and credible. Today it is vital to release patents on vaccines, rebuild pharmaceutical sovereignty in peripheral countries, and start a truly massive vaccination program. Today as yesterday, guaranteeing health as a universal public right is a matter of life.

The culture of life is a culture of solidarity!
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