May 8, 2021
From Enough Is Enough 14

Colombia. Cali. Statement by Nasa Çxhaçxha 2021 on repression in Cali.

Originally published by Nasa Çxhaçxha . Translated by Riot Turtle.

Indigenous communities of Cauca, guards, officials, elders, youth and women, accompany the citizens of the Siloé neighborhood of Cali, one of the most vulnerable sectors of the “Sucursal del cielo” [1].

According to Maicol Gallego, a young demonstrator from this popular sector, he does not understand why the public forces, which should ensure the security and protection of Colombians, attack the protesters. “The police tell us that they are there to take care of us and yet they shoot at us,” he said.

According to the young man, “when you are there”, referring to the “indigenous” communities, they (Esmad[2]) do not enter, but they grab us alone and want to “kill us”, he added.
The situation in this part of the city is critical, as so far five young people have lost their lives in the clashes and seven have been injured.

In support of these days of struggle and resistance, the indigenous peoples are accompanying the different points of assembly in the city of Cali to give a voice of encouragement to the demonstrators, in this sense the community members have gone to places such as Meléndez, Puente El Comercio and Siloé.

Comunicaciones Nasa Çxhaçxha 2021, May 6, 2021


[1] Sucursal del cielo, literal translation: the branch of paradise. A nickname for Cali.

[2] Esmad: riot police in Colombia