February 5, 2021
From Alternative Bristol (UK)

News just in – the ColstonStatue Defendants pre-trial plea hearing (PTPH) at Bristol Crown Court on Monday 8 February has been adjourned until 2 March.
We understand this is to give time for various legal submissions & representations to be made by the Defendants legal team.
In the meantime, we suggest to the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service – the state) that they should do us all a favour and Drop The Charges. Go and focus on some real criminals instead eh! Such as those who continue to benefit from the legacy (profits, power, influence) from the murderous transatlantic slave trade to this day, and those who continue to foster a hostile environment and institutional racism / acts of race hate.

Those of you with an interest in the legal side of this case may enjoy some of these previously published & publicly available articles that take a look at some of the ‘Laws’ in play in this case – see Barrister Blogger, HJA blog, UoB Law blog (2 parts), and this article looking at the legal arguments in the Stansted15 Appeal. Meanwhile questions remain around the actual ownership of that fallen Colston statue – read the history here.

For the rest of us for now, we need to keep campaigning & fighting for justice & change – get ready & get active – here’s some local links that will provide you with all the info, news & comment you need to get upto speed & involved:
Countering Colston campaign –  FB / twitter – @CounterColston / useful links for more reading
All Black Lives Bristol (organisers of 7th June and later protests) – Instagram / FB /
Bristol Radical History Grouparticles on Slavery & Resistance / articles on Colston / twitter – @BrisRadHis
Alternative Bristolarticles on Colston & protests / FB / twitter – @Alt_Bristol_
Bristol Cablearticles related to Colston / article looking at reparatory justice
Bristol Postarticles over several years on Colston & related issues – mainly by journalist Tristan Cork
Byline Times (8 June article) – 12 Facts that Prove Black Lives Don’t Matter in Britain
St Paul’s Carnival – scroll down this link here for history resources
The Centre for the Study of the Legacies of British Slave-ownership – research and analysis of slave-owners & how they benefitted from compensation when slavery abolished
Bristol Defendant Solidarity – Know Your Rights – info & legal support for protesters

Solidarity with the Colston 4We All Did It!

Source: Alternativebristol.com