October 15, 2020
From Radical Guide

On Indigenous People’s Day, Ali Meders-Knight and Mel Figueroa of TEKChico, in collaboration with Redbud Resource Group, present the history of 1492 that we wish we were taught in school.  A Radical Guide had the privilege to handle the tech for this presentation.

Learning outcomes:

  • Help children make good decisions, especially when it comes to respecting others
  • Think critically about history and outcomes that still affect us today
  • Understand how learning history from an indigenous perspective can help us today

About Redbud Resource Group

Redbud Resource Group’s mission is to improve education and health outcomes for Native youth.   Native Californian Tribal communities have a wealth of knowledge that has been carefully preserved, against all odds. Uplifting historical and contemporary Native experiences in the classroom can improve engagement and provide all students with useful tools needed to adapt to 21st Century challenges.

Redbud Resource Group works with Tribes and Native families to create content for educators who want to support Native students. All published work is supported by academic research, Tribal research, and educator experience.

About TEKChico

TEKChico is a traditional ecological stewardship program. It is indigenous-led management for community resilience and shared prosperity. They offer TEK (Traditional Ecological Knowledge) certification and TEK-based forest stewardship contracting.

Source: Radical-guide.com