November 21, 2020
From Chehalis River Food Not Bombs

We are so happy to announce that we are planning our first local action. We have been working with the newly formed Chehalis River Mutual Aid Network and Cultivating Roots Community Garden to come together this Saturday, Oct 10 from Noon to One. We are planning a free community meal, garden work party, and founding meeting of this FNB all at once!

We recently harvested some unused produce from the garden on our pick up rounds, and will be returning to the space with a table, some vegan wraps, some banana bread, and drinks. We will also be holding a *socially responsible* work party in the garden, helping them to turn over and repair some beds. This event is to build some local interest in Cultivating Roots Garden, help them with some garden maintainence, as well as bring people together as a local chapter of Food Not Bombs.

We hope to see you there and discuss things such as how FNB can move forward with helping Cultivating Roots and the broader local community, how the garden and FNB can work together to bring the most food to the most people, what other mutual aid projects (think free pantries, community fridges) that our new FNB and other groups who align with us can undertake around town, where the greatest needs exist, and where there are untapped resource streams.

In addition, Chehalis River Mutual Aid Network is looking for any other local mutual aid type projects to cross promote and assist each other as well. If you have a local project or group already please feel free to come by and discuss how we can all network effectively so that we can remain autonomus and decentralized while sharing resources, knowledge, and being effective in our local solidarity. This would act as an initial *socially responsible* meeting of the group and we could use the opportunity to meet in person and discuss where and when to host the next meal an/or meetings.

As always, please practice proper social distancing and sanitary procedures, and know that we take these things very serious indeed when we undertake the intimate act of feeding people. We will have masks, hand sanitzers, soap and water available on site.

Bring your mask and work gloves and meet us at 357 Oak Street Aberdeen, WA 98520 this Saturday, Oct 10 from 12PM to 5PM. Much Love!

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