June 18, 2021
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

           Today the world is not a fragmented package of unconnected entities, we live in an age of easy cross planet communications. We know, or can know, what is going on in all other parts of the planet. There has never been a better time to come together to sort out the repressive and destructive mess that we find ourselves in today. The various states and large corporation use this ease of communications to hold on to their power to continue to exploit the earths resources and its people. We the people have the same ability to communicate and join up in one last uprising to bring an end to this insanity and exploitation by capitalist economics.
         Across the planet there are an whole series of uprisings against this authoritarian, repressive, destructive existence, we have the ability and the tools to join them all together and create that better world. Communicate, communicate, communicate, the world is ours by right of our sweat and blood, it’s there for the taking. 

I am the crowd
I swim in the quagmire of poverty
its hooks, its barbs, tear my flesh
rupture my dreams,
I hold my breath for centuries
hoping to break through, gasp pure air.
Through the murky mire
I see bright things, shiny things, sparkle
I see women in fine dresses, men in silk shirts.
I ask myself,
why do I swim in this cesspool?
I want the light and warmth of rectitude
to caress my labouring body,
seeds of my dreams to bloom
like wild flowers in a meadow.
One day, I will use my boundless strength
to haul this torn, battered being
out of the morass
onto the warm grassy bank,
when I do;
woe betide you, women in fine dresses
woe betide you mister in your fine silk shirt
should you ever try to get in my way,
for I am the strength of the world,
I am the crowd.

The following from Act For Freedom Now:

          These days arise from the need to contribute consciously to the actualisation of anarchism, encouraging debate, criticism and reflection concerning our ideas and practices in the times we are living.
Considering the situation in recent times (revolts in various parts of the planet, repression, increased social control, confinement, etc.) and being aware that just a small spark is necessary for the flame to spread, with this meeting we would like to contribute to continue expanding whatever confrontation with power. Constant reflection of our ideas can help us to find the way to give a response to the conditions of oppression imposed by the present system of domination. We are calling this meeting as one more small contribution. We want to continue generating meeting spaces, from our individuality and collective struggles, in permanent conflictuality against all the established, and continue to generate networks based on the tireless negation of whatever authority.
We await you!
via: anarquia.info


18H Talk: ‘Our proposal is conflict. An approach to black anarchy’ + ‘Anarchist experiences from an insurrectional perspective’

21h Vegan gazebo

16.00 Presentation of the new edition of ‘Ai Ferri Corti’[At Daggers Drawn] + debate

18.30 Talk: The story of an intergenerational anarchist gathering in Uruguay: from armed struggle in 1970 to queer anarchism in 2021

21h Vegan gazebo
Distros all day

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Translated by Act for freedom now!

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