February 10, 2021
From Filler Zine (USA)

Pittsburgh Fash Watch posted the following alert on their twitter on 02.06.21. The linked dossier is an extesive and well-researched investigation into this local crypto-fascist network.

A community member has published a dossier identifying members of a local group with connections to Operation Werewolf, a white nationalist group.

See a link to the dossier here:


For more reading on Operation Werewolf, check out this piece here. While the group has claimed to be apolitical, it is certainly not.

Additionally of note, people identified in the dossier have connections to leftist movements in Pittsburgh, including Occupy and this summer’s BLM protests.

Thank you to the people behind the dossier for helping make us safer.

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Source: Fillerpgh.wordpress.com