November 2, 2020
From Alternative Bristol (UK)

When pubs had to close during the lockdown, popular local pub The Plough in Easton turned the space into one that provided community support;

Since the virus hit we have been working together to help our communities through this hard time as many folks have found themselves on the breadline or isolating for their, or their families’ health. Together we have really kept people from going hungry. So far we have delivered over 16,000 boxes to over 4,500 people. Over 200 volunteers have helped so far and YOU have raised over ÂŁ50,000 and we’ve spent it on fruit and vegetables! We are currently delivering on TUESDAYS to over 400 people.

Impressive stuff! However, this work, of course, costs time and money and there is a fundraiser that, at the time of writing, had raised a whopping ÂŁ32,493 of the ÂŁ35K goal – together we can get it over the line! You can donate  a few quid here.

What will this donation help with? Here’s a typical example:

Jane, from Easton who has had regular boxes delivered to her home since the start of lockdown and has found the service “a lifesaver”. Previously working as a private house cleaner meant that her work completely dried up at the beginning of lockdown and she had to rely entirely on Universal Credit. Fresh fruit and vegetables are expensive for anyone who is on a budget and Jane never used to buy a lot of fruit and vegetables before as it was just too expensive. ” it’s absolutely brilliant and my daughter who is a single parent also gets one so the whole family are all eating more healthy meals”.

You might be in the position that money is tight too, but you can still give your valuable time:

Help deliver the boxes for a couple of hours on a Tuesday. Please fill in this form   or email

Together we can get though this!