February 25, 2021
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March 20-21, 2021: A two-day online conference to commemorate the Kronstadt Commune of March 1921

We invite you to “Kronstadt as Revolutionary Utopia: 1921-2021 and Beyond,” a transnational convergence to remember history’s repressed revolutionary hopes and explore the “living past” struggle of capitalist authoritarianism vs. humanist internationalism

Speaker biographies

Historians’ panel (Saturday, March 20th, at 10:00am Pacific/6:00pm GMT)

Konstantin Tarasov (PhD, Historical Sciences, 2015), is a research fellow at the St. Petersburg Institute of History within the Russian Academy of Science.

Simon Pirani is honorary professor at the University of Durham, UK, and has a lifelong involvement with the labour movement. He is author of The Russian Revolution in Retreat: Soviet workers and the New Communist Elite (Routledge, 2008), other work on Russia and Ukraine, and Burning Up: a Global History of Fossil Fuel Consumption (Pluto Press, 2018).

Dmitrii Ivanov is a research assistant at the European University at St Peterburg (Russia). Research interests include the history of Russian revolution and the Civil War, particularly in Petrograd Province, and participation of anarchists in the revolutionary movement. He is a co-editor of forthcoming book-length collection of translations from A. Berkman, I. Mett, E. Goldman, A. Prudhommeaux et al.: “To remain silent now is impossible”: Anarchists and the fight for truth about the 1921 Kronstadt uprising.”

Panel: “Disinformation and Counter-Revolution, 1921-2021” (Saturday, March 20th, at 11:30am Pacific/7:30pm GMT)

Lara al-Kateb is a Syrian gender studies researcher who has worked on the #MeToo Movement and the liberation of political prisoners in the MENA region. She is a member of the Alliance of MENA Socialists.

Javier Sethness is a primary care provider, member of the Workers Solidarity Alliance, and author and editor of four volumes, including Eros and Revolution: The Critical Philosophy of Herbert Marcuse and I Am Action: Literary and Combat Articles, Thoughts, and Revolutionary Chronicles by Praxedis G. Guerrero.

Panel: “The After-Lives of Kronstadt” (Sunday, March 21st, at 9:45am Pacific/5:45pm GMT)

Mike Harris has been a dedicated anarcho-syndicalist and libertarian worker activist and internationalist since the 1970s. He is a former factory and warehouse worker in the garment and textile sectors, primarily, and a founding member of the Anarchist Communist Federation of North America (ACF), Libertarian Workers Group and the Workers Solidarity Alliance.

From 1969, George Katsiaficas has been active in social movements. In 1970, he graduated from MIT while in solitary confinement after being convicted of “disturbing a school” for organizing anti-war protests. Escaping continual arrests in Cambridge, he moved to California, where his collective house was shot up and his car firebombed by the FBI-organized all-Mormon Secret Army Organization. As part of a deep network of countercultural counterinstitutions during the 1970s in Ocean Beach, he was long active against the CIA and for Palestinian self-determination. A student of Herbert Marcuse, he authored books on Eros Effect, in the global imagination of 1968 as well as within European autonomous movements. Together with Kathleen Cleaver, he edited Liberation, Imagination and the Black Panther Party. His two-volume Asia’s Unknown Uprisings places the 1980 Gwangju People’s Uprising in South Korea at the center of an Asian Eros Effect that overthrew eight dictatorships in six years. His latest book is The Global Imagination of 1968: Revolution and Counterrevolution (PM Press). For years, he taught at Boston’s Wentworth Institute of Technology. He was a research affiliate at Harvard in both Korean studies and European studies and was twice awarded Fulbright fellowships (to Germany and Korea). See his web site.

Film screening: Maggots and Men (2013) – 11:30am Pacific/7:30pm GMT)

Cary Cronenwett directs and produces films that foreground forgotten histories and marginalized stories with an emphasis on inclusivity and process. His documentary and narrative work has screened in numerous festivals. In 2018 he directed a short, Eisha Love: A Trans Woman of Color in Chicago, that was part of the Emmy Award winning series ACLU: Trans in America and is currently developing this project into a feature documentary. Art Director, Maggots and Men

Zeph Fishlyn (pronouns they/them) is a Canadian-born, SF Bay Area-based interdisciplinary artist, educator, and cultural organizer. Zeph’s participatory projects, drawings, objects and interventions cultivate social and ideological mutations in urgent times. Zeph’s work and projects have appeared at Manifesta, MassArt, SOMArts, American University Museum, Five Oaks Museum, the Village Building Convergence, a freeway underpass, an off-duty train tunnel, and a variety of smaller venues and public spaces around the US. 

Panel: Kronstadt 1921 and the Social Crises of 2021 (Sunday, March 21st, at 1:00pm Pacific/9:00pm GMT)


The organizing collective would like to thank all the panelists and moderators for their kind participation, and express our special gratitude to Sarah Badcock, Laurence Davis, Mitchell Verter, John P. Clark, María Castro, Cary Cronenwett, The Commoner, the Institute for Anarchist Studies (IAS), and the Workers Solidarity Alliance (WSA) for their support. We wish to acknowledge Simon Pirani and Dmitriy Ivanov for their recommendations. Many thanks to conference goers, participants, and contributors, as well.


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