November 1, 2021
From Alternative Bristol (UK)

A broad based group of organisations, under the banner of ‘COP 26 Coalition Bristol’ have announced a protest to coincide with the climate summit in Glasgow;

World leaders from across the globe are meeting in Glasgow on the weekend of the 6th to discuss climate change, hosted by UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson. BYG is proud to join COP 26 Coalition Bristol on a march to demand that our government take the climate crisis seriously by implementing a just transition away from fossil fuels. We will be assembling on College Green at 12pm, along with the other marching groups. This is going to be a huge event so try get there on time – we will try and make ourselves visible with signs and banners! The march itself begins at 1pm and culminates at a rally on College Green again at 3pm.

This comes at a time when the signs that action is needed on climate are clearer than ever;

Meanwhile, the system we have in the UK for dealing with extreme weather seem about as effective as the ones we had for dealing with a pandemic;